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I Forge Iron

Pics of my forge setup


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I feel I could of put the forge closer to the wall, to gain a little space. What do you guys think? Now is the time to do it.

How funny is it that I chose to have a working forge before finishing my cabin? LOL!

Enjoy, comments welcome, critique especially welcome!

My dog Mika and my cabin retreat/forge (WIP)

No fire poker yet, LAWL!

Super sucker hood, by Lester Beckman! Works great!
My tiny shop and me.





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I like your location, kind of reminds me of here. I like all the windows too.

I'd shorten the blower tube and make some fire tools but my anvils are about that far from the forge, much closer and I'd have to step around them to get to the vise or swage block.

Keeping the anvils back a bit gives you room to move but keeping them close preserves some heat. It's a matter of taste and need.


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Thanks guys:D

Do you guys prefer the horn facing the forge? For now il be able to move the anvil around until i find the sweet spot, Once the cold is gone i will make a concrete base level to the floor and everything will be bolted down with chains including the base which is a 2 inch thick pine that will be filled with sand.

Or i could drive a one piece log 3 feet in the ground for the anvil base,hmm

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Little late checking out your shop pics,cool looking shop and im not talking about the snow outside.shop set up is left to the smith and what works best for him and as you do different projects your shop seems to evolve around the project.one of the ways to see how your shop preforms is to have anther smith work in your shop and then you will see how well your shop flows,small changes that make your shop just that little bit better and safer.....best regards

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Thanks Don,Glad u like it. Il have more pics when ive installed the windows and actually made doors for the pesky thieves and squirles. Also i ran out of siding so i had to order more live edge siding but i was broke lol+ i needed the money for the crank blower;)

It is 2 sections of 6 inch coupled.

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Thanks for telling me where your photos were. Looks like you got things going there. Personally I would have tried to put the forge in near the middle of that side of your shop because of that long material issue. My shop is about 16 1/2 feet wide inside and the forge is in the middle of it. That seems to work out pretty good so far. I agree with shorting your blower pipe there too. My blower is on a stand with a flexible duct so if I have something weird shaped and it needs to be moved a little bit to the side or whatever I can. Also if you plan on putting a heater in your shop I would suggest making a blocker plate to put over the opening on your hood. Because if you are not needing your forge right away when you are out there, or just trying to get it warmed up inside to work, your heat will get sucked up and out the forge chimney I found. All you need to make it out of is some light gauge tin. I will try to get my daughter to do some photos this Sunday and I will post them for you to check out. And you do need a poker or two too. That was the first thing I made I think. I am going to be putting a high velocity stack cap on my forge chimney this spring too, it will increase the draw on the chimney, so that bugger should almost suck a basketball up it then. Good going!

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Thanks guys

Ive since added the windows to the shop and made doors.

Im going to cut the end of the forge table maybe a foot because its just to long , i cant seem to get good geometry between the forge, anvil, and post vise so something has to go.

The vise bench is way too big 4.5 x4.5 feet so im either cuting it in half or stick it outdoor and make a new one.

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Whereabouts in NB are you? I'm out on Grand Lake, I'm new to the whole blacksmithing gig (though I've wanted to do it for years - my grandfather used to tinker), and am going to be finishing my forge when the spring rolls around.

Would be nice to make contact with another person interested in the trade the only other ones I know of hereabouts are Viet Weber and Jake Powning.

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