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  1. Thats who made that! I was looking for who made that so I could try it out and could'nt remeber who...... Awesome Work Jeremy!
  2. That is Nice, Great work!
  3. That is Awesome! Great job Randy
  4. I had seen those and was tempted, but I am looking at a pedal harp for my sweetie. So money for my hobbies will have to wait for awhile.
  5. Did you happen to see that on KSL.com? in lehi? I also was looking at that anvil and didn't seem to be in too bad of shape, judging primarily by the photos provided. Not quite the $1200 "appraised" value that was stated, the last anvil i purchased in lehi from a farrier was a 125 lb hay budden farriers anvil for 30 dollars. :)
  6. Chad J


    Great job! Very awesome Sam!
  7. That's awesome! Great work Sam!
  8. Nice one Sam! Great job, right down to burning the handle. Punches are next on the list of mine to make, but only after the honey do's!
  9. Thats Awesome! The fact that you take stuff that would either be scrapped out or sitting somewhere rusting away, and make the coolest objects! You have a very good eye for this stuff, a talent that is not shared with by most people. Great Work! Chad J
  10. Hey Dave, Nice work! that shows alot of good technique and character. Myself I dont care for square corners either but the customer is always right! (sometimes). ^_^
  11. Those are Awesome grinders! Thats really cool.
  12. Good work.... Or maybe Great work... No. That is AWESOME WORK!
  13. Hey Curly, what was you going to make out of it?
  14. Hey Curly, you also grabed the bridge out sign! :D Kinda makes you think, is the bridge out because you got the bridge stringers or............. ^_^
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