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  1. Hey Mountain, Welcome aboard. You came to the right place. A lot of info and good people on this site. t2g
  2. Thanks, I plan on having a go at it the first chance I get. t2g
  3. Brian, I really like the looks of these tongs. They appear to be on the hefty size. Could you give some more measurements other than 3/4 hex. ie; what length bar you started with, hex bit length etc. I really would like to try and make a set of these. Thanks,t2g
  4. Welcome back Frosty..... this Thanksgiving will be extra sweet for you and Deb. There has been many a prayer sent up for both of you. t2g
  5. Great looking set-up Ironstein. t2g
  6. Excellent job Avadon, as far as anvil stands go, that has everything and more. t2g
  7. Hey Chris, Excellent example of recycling materials. T2g
  8. Welcome to IFI HerrBrun. T2g
  9. Thanks for posting the pic. After looking at your forge design I think the idea that I have for one just may work. BTW no offense meant about being the gas guru:p t2g
  10. Thanks to all for the responses. Frosty, could you post a pic of your forge? I know it is on here because I have looked at it, but I can not find it for the life of me. Just want to see what the gas guru's forge looks like compaired to the image I have in my mind for the one that I want to build. Thanks, t2g
  11. Go to the Blue Print section of this site. Lots of good info on tongs and alot of other stuff as well. t2g
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