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I'm back!


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I've been away from IFI for a while, and I thought I should explain a little.
Nearly a month ago, I was working, but not feeling so well:
Then I had computer problems:
Then, IFI was off-line for a while:
And then we had.......THE ICE STORM! No power for 4 days and nights.
We were lucky about the power outage.......lots of folks are just now getting their power back on!

If that wasn't enough trouble, Sunday night I began to feel really BAD and had to go to the ER.
To make a long story short, I had to have my heart shocked back into rythym. The doctors installed a nice new defibrillator into my chest.
Left the hospital Wednesday.

I got home to discover that the computer was down!
Talk about bad luck!
A local computer guy fixed it just today.

The good news is that I actually feel better than I did a month ago.
I had a heart attack years ago, and open heart surgery 3 years ago,so I'm not totally surprised at having cardiac problems show up from time to time.

My doctor tells me I will not be able to arc weld due to the electrical fields interfering with my new device........(I will be asking him more about this later)

Hopefully, I will still be able to do some metal working.....I was slow and semi-retired even before this incident, so it might not be so much of a change for me LOL!

I'm gonna brush up on my O/A welding.......just in case........I've already had my old shop books out looking for the information.

You know what they say:
"When one door closes, another one opens" :)

James Flannery

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Good to see you're still with us James. Bummer about the arc welding ban. Wonder what you'd look like in a Faraday cage? Hmmmm.

Oh well, gas welding has it's benefits, kind of like meditating with fire and molten metal. Fire and molten metal . . . Mmmmmmm.


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"Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baack." to the tune of "Welcome Back"
Good to hear they had a fix for you! Hate it about the arc welding tho. but that's not too bad. Shoot, I Oxy/acet weld a ton of stuff that I forge instead of arc welding. I like the fact you can take it to the anvil and forge the welded area while it is still hot and it blends a whole lot better with the torch welds than the arc welds.
You take care and don't rush into things. Glad you're back my friend.

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glay ti hear your ok,jayco.be easy and don't over do it. i had a hand in colorado that had a pacemaker,he coulden't be around gen sets,expecialy any dc equipment.so the company gave him a yard job, well any way glad ya feelin better and do find out what you can be around, keep us informed,jimmy

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Good to have ya back on IFI... I have a niece that has a pacemaker/defibrillator (has had it since she was 14 years old, now 24) She was not permitted to complete her welding class at the middle school, but she was also banned from motorcycle riding and is not allowed to use a lawn mower for the same reasons as the arc welding. OA welding, and forge welding should be safe, but I would stay away from any welder that uses electric current... Remember your doc is a doc and may not know everything that you do that could be harmful to the ticker keeper in your chest... We'd like to see you around IFI for a good long time to come, when you visit the doc next time be sure to take a list of ALL the activities you enjoy or chores you do and let him read through it...


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I was just thinking about you the other day. With the icy weather mess Kentucky had I was wondering if that had any effect in your area. I hope all goes well for you. O/A welding isn't too bad. That's all the welding I did years ago when I worked in an autobody shop. No mig welders invented at that time. Our frame man got to use the stick welder. If I had to give up my electric welders, I could survive and I'm sure you will make a go of it too. I wish you all the best.

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Thanks for all the responses, guys, I much appreciate it!

As far as the "quitting arc welding" is concerned, I have plenty of interesting options available to me.
For one....I have a 27 year old son who is a good arc welder. I could just let him do what arc welding I need done. It might be a sneaky way to get him interested in blacksmithing :)

And.....I need to hone up my skills as a forge welder and O/A welder anyway......
We'll see what develops.

By the way, I really missed talking to you guys this past month.

I love this site!


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forgot stuff!
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Glad to see you have survived the issues life has sent you. Down time is not fun. Perhaps you can find a place the has drops from shear or plasma plummies. 10-12-14-16 sheet and also 1/4 and 7 guage. take the small pieces and get some rod. If you fit the joints right you will most likely not need rod. This can easily be fanny work on the edge or corner of a table. Fusion welding with acetelyne is really a nice way to get acquainted with metal. You will find that a good tip selection is necessary. Good to have you back.

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A little update;

I'm still improving, getting my strength back.

I'm still restricted a little on just how much I'm able to do.

My doctor tells me there are wires running from my defibrillator to my heart.......and they have to sorta grow in place. For the time being, I can only lift up to 7 lbs. with my left arm. tearing the wires loose would mean another surgery!

Surgerys are just not that much fun that I would want to repeat them.

The last couple of days I've been able to get back in the shop........make some leaves,nails, rivets, etc,
I'm just not supposed to do any heavy lifting, pulling, prying, etc for a month.

I'm just 'takin my time' about getting back to forging........of course I always did any way! :)


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