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I Forge Iron

Its done!! Aint she perty!!

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My sisters meat cleaver is done!! Looks ok and cuts really well. Its a hidden tang, peened at the end. The handle is a wood found locally called Ipe(ebony or something in english). I salt water etched a little logo on it, its a bear paw, and yes, they do have five toes. I think all her little chef friends might want to order some knives....sounds like business and work to me!! But I think its a good way to start. The big box is the box bellows I made, It works really well for short pieces of metal. I havnt tried my luck at welding with it yet though. Enjoy and feel free to criticize.





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The wood was fairly easy to work...but you have to be careful because it cracks easy, but other than that, it really is iron wood.I had trouble buring the first handle, it was too loose. So I pre-drilled it and it was easier to burn. The etch will not be coming off any time soon, I made sure to etch very deep, about 30 min in salt water and battery thing. I think you can get the wood in the US, called ebony ar something, its nickname is iron wood or something.Thanks for the comments!!

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I think I know what wood you are talking about.A friend of mine was building a deck for some people and he got some cutoffs.It's some nice stuff,but hard to work because it cracks easy when working it thin. I hear the reason it's called iron wood is because it almost has the same burn rate as steel.We tried burning a little cutoff with the cutting torch, it will not burn,it will blacken and the torch will cut it but as soon as you take the flame away it go's out.My brother made a whole knife from it for our friends wedding cake. And Ijust wanted to add that you do very nice work!

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