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  1. Thanks guys...I should be able to handle that.....maybe! lol
  2. I don't know the technical name for it,but does anyone know where there may be a design(BP) of the vise-type device that has a hardy hole on one end that attaches to the lower die of a power hammer? It's for using different hardy tools on an air hammer. TIA
  3. But isn't sucker rod a hollow tube?
  4. I wouldn't mind having some of that wood for handles. :)
  5. You could even find an actual picture that you like and a good tat artist could work something up for you.
  6. I've never used a video camera for blacksmithing,but I have for golf.Usually no one has to tell you what you are doing wrong....you can see it instantly.So I would say that using video for anything would be a great idea,including smithing. Good luck.
  7. Nice work....I hope to be that talented one day. :)
  8. I use one,with a dimmer switch to control the blast.Hopefully it won't burn up the motor.If it does,then I'll be hand-cranking. :)
  9. I was told to use light weight oil,not heavy grease.Might give it a try before you do anything radical.
  10. Looks good,Jose.Thanks.I should be able to make one.:)
  11. So does anyone know of a BP to make a ball swage?
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