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  1. Nice score on the steel.. I can't speak to the power hammer questions, but I'd love to hear the answers as I'm planning on building one myself. FWIW, I'd say the best way to cut the steel would have been a mobile oxy/acetylene outfit... If it is hardened its just going to dull out a normal band saw or hack saw blade...
  2. I'll have to look into the gpm. The motor is 1 1/2hp... It has two pumps, but I think its one pump for each cylinder. I'll take a closer look to see if it says the gpm. Thanks for your help everyone. I'm researching heated platen molding presses now ;). I hope I don't have to revamp it too much, but if nothing else it should be a good base to work from.
  3. I bought a decent hydraulic press yesterday and I'm trying to find a little information on it. The only identifying marks I've found on the press itself is a tag that says "Jett Press." The lettering is kind of pealing off and there may have been more, nothing I can see. If anyone has any info on this press or what it might have been used for that would be really helpful. It may be modified to fit my needs, but I'm always curious about machines and their history. Some interesting things of note: The press has removable heating rods in the pressing platforms, I assume to keep them from
  4. Well, she is home. Good god that was a lot of weight for the little ranger :). The pine tree I used for the unloading didn't complain though :).
  5. Thanks for the feed back. I've been keeping an eye on CL for a bit now hoping something would turn up. I've thought about building one for a while, but the time just isn't there atm.. Any guess on the weight? I'm only mildly concerned that it might be too heavy for my 1/2 ton ranger.... There is a chance I can borrow an f350.
  6. I was thinking pretty much the same thing.. Now there is the question of how much it weighs and how much I want to abuse my little ranger....
  7. Hi all, I found this press on CL (http://hartford.craigslist.org/tls/3041834577.html) and I'm heading over to see it tomorrow. For the price It seems well worth it, although I figure I'll probably upgrade or replace some stuff. I was hoping to get a more experienced eye's opinion on it, just to make sure I'm not deluding myself. Thanks :).
  8. Gun racks don't work here in Massachusetts.. Kind of a legal issue.
  9. Just wondering if there was anyone out there doing custom smithing for automotive accessories. I've been thinking about a few things I could make from my '79 IH scout, was starting to wonder if there might be a niche market there.. Just a thought anyway.
  10. I'm glad I read this thread, as I'm in process of setting up a full time shop of my own. Its not going to be exclusive blacksmithing, I'll be doing manual machining as well (FWIW, I don't like CNCs, even if I had the money for them, I probably wouldn't go that route)... But ATM I'm about to get thrown off unemployment and have very little in the way of capital to really set up shop. What I do have is my forge, anvil, hammers, lathe and the funds to pick up a cheap bridgeport and rent a small shop (probably from family)... About the best thing I have going for me is that I have almost no per
  11. You know what really sucks... (Just to add my own little rant...) On the farm where I "help out" there is tons of old scrap steel, the guy (my boss) there won't give/sell it to me because he doesn't think I can use it (XXX). Instead he has some scrappers coming in this week to clean it all up..... Then he tells me how hard it would be to make a living off of blacksmithing.. I've worked for almost free in his machine shop for about 4 years (most of that time was 50+ hour weeks...) and I can't even get some cheap steel to help with my expenses... I guess I'll just follow the scrappies to the yar
  12. Sorry, I have to ask, your propane is $1 a gallon? Who is your supplier? I usually go to a propane filling station (local hardware store or fuel company)... I'm paying more like $4 a gallon and would love to cut my costs back .
  13. I do actually. Relatively so anyway. I put in a question to the seller about the rust on the face. Thanks for pointing this out.
  14. Sorry, was kind of in a rush when I wrote that. Perhaps I should have just asked for the specs on his tire hammer. I just assumed that info would have carried along with the answer.
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