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  1. I bought a Jantz Jig for my hollow grinding and I really like it. It takes a good bit of adjusting but if you do a lot of the same size and shape blades it will come in handy. I was hesitant about spending the money but I am glad that I did.
  2. Knifemakers, I recently ordered a blank of 3/16 by 2 in 80crv2 from Steel baron. It says that it heat treats like 5160 which I am familiar with. I am looking for input on how well this steel works for small to midsze or even full sized knives. I generally use an oil quench. What temperature should I temper it to?
  3. I would check with New Jersey steel Baron or Jantz supply and just order a blank of 1095 to start with. If my leaf springs have micro cracks in them I usually find them during heat treat when the blade breaks into pieces.
  4. It's a good show. The last one was the finalists making a war hammer.
  5. I am considering buying a grinding jig from Jantz. Has anyone used one? How well do they work? I will mount it on a KMG grinder.
  6. May all of you good little elves get plenty of coal in your stockings tonight.
  7. I had one for a few years and the pulley got in the way when trying to grind from one side. The wide belt sure sucks up the power from a 1 hp motor and spreads it out over 6 in. It bogs down pretty quickly. Not bad for doing handles though.
  8. Congratulations on the KMG. I have one and I really like it. There is a lot you can do with it when you learn how. Have fun.
  9. You can buy the parts you need from Beaumont metal works out of Columbus, Ohio.
  10. American made 135deg split point cobalt is what I use.
  11. When I started out I used a 6x48 and it was under powered and not very practical but it was all that I had. If you have it and that's all that you can afford then use it.
  12. I just ordered a KMG grinder today (yeah). does anyone have plans to make a hollow grinding jig?
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