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Anvil, good luck.  My advice is to treat her as a new acquaintance with whom you are creating a new friendship.  The only memories or past experiences to be brought up are good an pleasant ones.  This is not easy and may not be successful but good luck and I hope it works out well.


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Thanks for all the good words. It turned out really well! We solved a lot of problems and misunderstandings and Had two wonderful days together. And we are already planning the next get together. Its been a testy, to say the least, 30 years and now it looking pretty bright. I had a roller coaster ride for three days prior to our get together and had actually changed the plan to lunch in town instead of at my place. It took about 15 minutes for both of us to realized a dynamic shift had occurred for the better. So I brought them home to see my place and projects,, Shop, Garden, and developing my Adjudicated spring. The next day she had unfun "ex" business near Farmington,NM. We met there for breakfast, then a long lunch. My shop motto has always been "God smiles on fools and blacksmiths, and I am both!" Definitely got a big smile.

One down and one to go.

And then two days later another adventure began. A few days before my meeting with my daughter, the neighbor stopped by to introduce me to a couple from Las Vegas, Nv. He had tats from, well, from here to there non stop. A rough looking character, to say the least, and a very submissive appearing girl friend. A few days after my Daughter headed back to Tx, I had a knock on my door and there she was in all her 26 years bravado,, slightly crumbling around the edges. Apparently things got a bit violent so she split, a total stranger in a strange land, no money, and a plane ticket to Vegas 4 days down the road. So I broke out my old, rather tarnished and slightly dinged set of knight-in-shining armor and said she could stay here. I've got a plumb"d in motor home and a small cabin down by the pond, besides my place, so I said she had her choice. We made "contingency plans" just in case and the first day worked. The second day was pretty good, actually both days were great, to be honest, with a tinge of worry over her ex.  The next morning wasn't so good so I suggested a road trip to Vegas and 30 minutes later we were gone. From the base of Mesa Verde to the 4 Corners Monument, to Flagstaff, then dropping off the edge of the world and a long downhill to Kingman,,, hung a right and dropped her off at her Mom's in Henderson. I successfully skirted Vegas and pointed me headlights twards Salt Lake City. Hung another right at I-70 and headed to Grand Junction, Co. Crossed the Green River, then right to Moab and Montechello, then home. 2 daze and one motel night on the road. A good adventure after a special time with my daughter. Second to that moment, i had 4 daze seeing the contemporary world thru the eyes of a 26 yr old female from a very different lifestyle than mine. I was pretty amazed at the similarities of our beliefs and analysis of the world\U.S. situation. That was unexpected, to say the least. I had a long personal debate with meself about going to Price\Salt Lake City to check on coal\coke, but I didn't have my contact info so decided against it. A good and long needed road trip and a reminder of just how breathtaking this part of the world is.


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My father and I were estranged for many years for complicated and very painful reasons, but after he got knocked down with both a heart attack and a stroke, we reconnected and reconciled at the hospital in Santa Fe (again with New Mexico; that does seem to be the theme here). He lived for several more years, and I am glad that while they weren't perfect, at least I didn't have to live with him dying with things unsaid. The pain of the past can never be undone, but it can be set respectfully aside. I'm glad you and your daughter were able to do that, and here's to building an even better relationship moving forward.

Also, good on you for helping that young woman. It says a lot that she was inspired to trust you in such a difficult situation and that you proved yourself worthy of that trust. Well done, Sir Knight.

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Love the motto Anvil, seems he was smiling on you, your daughter and a stranger in need. Well done on all counts.

Healing problems for others does me as much or more good in return. I feel the white knight stir now and then, it's good to let him out even if it's for little things like opening doors for strangers.

Good on ya Brother, may you and your daughter grow closer.

Frosty The Lucky.

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