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Cool Söderfors


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This is a Frosty Special.

I thought it would be nice to post what I think is a rather unusual (check out those arches) Söderfors for sale in Sweden.

123kg, an interesting profile and roughly $900.  Not cheap, but very, very cool.  Would you agree Frosty?


Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 7.55.04 PM.png

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Is it a Soderfors? No doubt Soderfors would cast whatever shape anvil you wished to pay for but I'll need verification to stimulate my salivary glands. I've ever worked on a pig anvil and would be happy to give it a try. Be nice to work with someone who could show me what makes a good design over a London or other square bic pattern.

Regardless it'd look right at home brushed, waxed and mounted in my shop, I'd be happy to arrange room.

Frosty The Lucky.

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pictures my man Flatliner.  A beatup Söderfors is always fun to see.

my favorite is by most people's standards "beat-up" , but it has all the edges that somehow fit my needs perfectly.  I don't know if anvils actually get broken in and rebound differently after years of use, but this one just has the smoothest/sweetest feel under hammer.

I'll get a pic up as well.

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aaamax, she's a little beat up . Also by a farrier.

Chips, ~1/8" of sway and torch gouge were all included.

When I first got her, in a thick coat of brown paint.


After clean up




Lots of chips on the side with less of a radius as one might expect. She's hard as a coffin nail.

Pardon the mess, these are old pictures. Don't get me wrong the shop is still a mess. It's just had a some time to become more of a.. refined mess.

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Frazer; last night my wife asked me about bringing in a tool from my shop for work on the kitchen.  I said I'd try to get home before dark to get it for her today. She said that if I would just describe it;  she would go into my shop and get it in daylight.  I just laughed and laughed and laughed and finally told her that even if she had the EMTs on speed dial I wouldn't suggest she try to find something in my shop!

It's funny that the areas around the smithing stuff maintain clearance to move hot steel around and that seems to force the clutter to pile higher in other places.

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This past Friday in preparation for the move I had to pull everything out of the shop and pressure wash the siding and pavers around my workspace. It took me a little over 2 hours to pull everything out, two hours to spray down and scrub 2 years of shop dust off the vinyl and then another 2 hours to move everything back in in a semi-organized state. I'm lucky it only took that long. In digging through the piles that collected along the perimeter I even found a few long lost items. Incredible. 

I sweep out and tidy up the immediate work space around the anvil/forge every week but those piles just kept growing and growing. I'm looking forward to moving into a space that's indoors so I can make some shelves and have even more horizontal surfaces pile things up and lose them on!

My shop, and many other's, would be an OCD person's nightmare.

"Hey Brady, where do you keep your hack saw?"

"Go check that pile next to the stack of fire bricks, on top of the big box of steel pipe fittings. You may have to move the welding screen. It's there somewhere. Spare blades? Oh they're around, might be inside though."

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Frazer, she's a beauty!  That is not beat up at all in my eyes.  That horn looks unused.

Terrific score along with the nice post vise.

My edges borderline on mushroomed, but are shaped in such a way that it makes for perfect fullering on that which I need to do.  Like I said before , most would think mine is in terrible shape.

Tomorrow I plan to take a photo and load it up in all her glory... lol

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Here ya go aaamax

The pics don't do justice to how bad some of the edges where. After some pieces nearly cut me as they flew off when I was forging I knocked them down with a flap wheel. Now she has more curves then a south German style. I can find the right curve or radius for whatever I am doing. I know many people would fault me for it but for safety sake and the fact I couldn't find a decent edge on on the sweet spot(it looked like a saw blade on both sides down the whole face of the anvil). IMG_20190328_084522.thumb.jpg.69fc939bd5422537aaf1734b64b46f96.jpgHere she is before and after.



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Looks like a "ranch anvil"  most of them seem to have been ridden hard and put away wet.  The both edges worn seems to be common with cold shoeing.  I've seen a Vulcan used that way that actually was ridge backed!

Tons of beating hot steel life left on that one and US$100 was a steal for recent times.

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