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  1. I think they're for handling it while grinding the face after casting.
  2. I would choose the Holland as well. I've never heard anything negative about their anvils.
  3. Finished up some shelf brackets for a customer (He requested the texturing):
  4. I remember seeing that one for sale a while ago. If I remember right it was originally on Craigslist for $500, disappeared quickly, and reappeared on FB marketplace for the increased price. I guess someone made a pretty good profit flipping it. Looks like an excellent anvil! I imagine the damage is just some slight casting defects that won't be an issue.
  5. It's really looking like a building now! I hope to come see it someday.
  6. It has to do with more than just the unobstructed volume of air the air supply can move though. The reason axial fans like the one Scooter is using are not typically used as a forge blower is because they produce quite a low static pressure as compared to centrifugal fans (blowers). This means that while the fan might seem to move a lot of air when unobstructed, as soon as the fire becomes nice dense bed of coals the fan may no longer be able to force enough air though the fire. Also, axial fans will not be able to blast through obstructions like ash buildup (or clinker, when applicable) as we
  7. That looks like a very nice anvil as well. I've always liked the look of the later Fisher anvils.
  8. Looks great. Congratulations!
  9. I don't foresee need to use over 100A; or at least I doubt the 20A breaker will allow me to. As I said, I'm just wondering if getting around 100A output from a 20A breaker is realistic. I don't remember the brand of the one I tried (maybe Airco?), and I don't know when it was made beyond that it was fairly old. I always thought that all the old transformer welders were more or less the same on the inside, but maybe I'm misinformed about that.
  10. It's been quite a while, and I still haven't gotten a welder yet (mostly because of indecisiveness as to what type would work best). However, recently a friend with several types of welders let me try them to get an idea of what they're like. Of the ones I tried, I liked using the stick welder best. It was an old 230A transformer welder. I asked him if there was any chance one like it would work with a 20A 220V breaker, and he thought it would work as long as I didn't set the output much above 100A. It was set at 100A when I was using it, and to me it seemed like it had quite a bit of pen
  11. I wonder how large of a Fresnel lens you would need to heat up forging stock in a timely manner. It probably wouldn't be practical but would be interesting regardless.
  12. I've been using a 185lb (213lb originally) anvil broken at the heel weld for close to two years now. It's usually not very limiting in what I can do, but it is fairly often some sort of an inconvenience. Overall I'm very happy with buying it, however I only paid $125. Where I live I would not pay $390 for that anvil, but I don't know what prices are considered normal where you are.
  13. Is there any way you can see it in person before placing a bid? Did the seller give you the face width? From the photos it looks like it would be around 5" wide if the hardy hole is 1.25", but it's hard to measure because of the angle. Is there a direct overhead photo? It does look like a very nice anvil; I hope it works out for you.
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