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  1. This is probably the most impressive post I've seen here. You are doing a terrific job of restoring as well. What is your work method? I'm guessing wire brush and oil? Looks great. Cheers.
  2. HI, Are you thinking of buying it or selling it? To my eyes that looks like a Söderfors. However I am not familiar with the name Sisco. I'm guessing it is a name used for export. Söderfors is one of my favorite anvils. Those edges are still very usable. you just have to find spots that suit your profile needs. That horn is one of the best and is in fine shape. That alone is worth the price of admission. If it's yours I wouldn't sell it unless you absolutely don't need it. If you're thinking about buying it I would consider anything under $1.5 a pound a bargain. Good luck
  3. Thanks everyone for the sound advice. I just needed some encouragement to do the right thing. When you only have yourself to bounce ideas off of one can easily choose the path of least resistance. Well, at least I now have a new handle for the new head when I do get around to trying to match this profile. Cheers all,
  4. Here is a pic of what was once my favorite Rounding hammer. I hadn't used it in some time since it was waiting for me to re-handle it. After a much needed dressing I see small fractures in the face. How long they have been there I don’t know. They look to be old. So I was probably using this hammer with these fractures for years. I am just amazed I didn’t notice them sooner. How serious do you think this is? Would you retire it? Which I would hate to do since she just has such a good balance and moves metal the way I like. The photo makes the fissures look larger than they really are. Maybe since it hadn't chipped out while I was using it means that whatever heat treating it once had is now gone and it is soft=not a safety risk?
  5. lol I have to remember that one. perfect.
  6. Glad you think so Luc. Also the patina is probably the best protective coating short of painting it. Cheers to your terrific anvil.
  7. That is a good looking anvil you got there. Personally, I don't clean my anvils unless they have heavy orange rust. What you have there is what I would call a century's worth of patina and I wouldn't touch it. As said earlier, just start using it and the face will shine right up. Much better than any wire wheel could ever do.
  8. now that would sure make this a FIND! And in such good condition as well. Söderfors for runner up to the king?
  9. Oh my. What would the rebound be on this thing if truly hardened steel for the top half? Never have used one like this and wonder if the feel would be much different.
  10. Greetings from the North. I just saw this anvil on for sale and it has no recessed chisel table. The whole face is flat. Is this odd or common? My 104kg Söderfors is the only other one I have ever seen with out a drop for the table and I have always wondered if something got modified along the way. Would like to think that it was maybe stock and not modded. For those of you that like the details, the one pictured is 108kg and is 6000sek, almost $600.
  11. Sitting in a guy's garage and hasn't followed me home yet. 250kg makes you stand up and think how on earth you're going to move that thing. These are good problems to have right? plus some misc. hardy tools/vise, etc. don't know the final price yet, will post when I do. no easily read markings. Guessing Swedish, but the block is unusual, so maybe German.
  12. this is how I was able to live with my Soderfors that had a deafening ring. A long length of boat-anchor quality to the tune of probably 10 meters.
  13. that's always fun isn't it? too bad we don't get to do this more often. Then again, there are some that have a room full of misc. anvils. My last acquisition was a year ago and it still puts a smile on my face. Try explaining that to an outsider... lol. Cheers.
  14. there certainly seems to be the remnants of some writing on there. Maybe try rubbing with some chalk on the surface to see if it makes it easier to read? Some of the old hands around here probably have a better way of bring it out.
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