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  1. Biggundoc, The biggest difference you would find would be in petrol prices. Here it is close to $2 a liter. BUT, one generally doesn't drive as much here as the average American presumably does. Aside from that, your grocery bill and all else would look about the same. However, we are one of the last State controlled liquor retailers. Meaning that there is only one outlet for purchases and some towns/villages don't have one. So you have to drive to the nearest one which can be over 45minutes away in the next larger town. [Political content removed] But as with all things, there is the good and the bad. It is all about finding the balance that works for you. Personally anything north of Stockholm is too nasty weather wise. I would stay south of Stockholm if one could choose. Cheers.
  2. Bigundoc, You're right, a lot of fine American steel made its way over here. Many post war, service HD Flatheads are still on the road here. Very cool. On Sunday's with nice weather you will see a lot of vintage Detroit machines, totally restored, cruising down the way. Since salt on the roads is popular during the winter months, these vehicles don't go out into harsh elements and have a pampered existence. But not today, we just had a snow flurry 20 minutes ago... LoL.
  3. LoL, I'm guessing the taxes you'll end up paying for the sale of California real estate would by a few shops here. As far as I know foreigners can own property here. The problem is with staying any length of time for non residents. Political content removed.
  4. The area is know for its steel production and was a hub of action up until early/mid 20th century. I called and spoke with the listing agent for shttsss&grins and the whole upstairs is laid out as a conference room with toilets and a small kitchen. The county doesn't allow for residential use, but would allow for B&B. He said that most people interested would be using it as a storage facility. What a shame. The roof apparently is in need of repair. Since you guys liked that one so much, here is another one that has been up for a while. It comes with the complete inventory. A funny side note, you very rarely see a Smith with a true Rounding hammer in his collection here in Sweden. Not the preferred profile around these parts. The Soderfors shot is for Frosty. Love it when you see a well polished-from-use face. Even with the welding scars. Cheers.
  5. Do you ever see shops going on the market? Here in Sweden it happens, but usually it is just mentioned and almost ignored. Like the farm with a full Smitty gets a "... and this extra building that used to be a blacksmith shop can be renovated into something usable..." I always laugh at that one. Sometimes though a full-out facility is up for grabs. Here is an exceptionally nice one next to a small river for a very reasonable price. the exchange rate of SEK is around 8.5 to a $1. So asking price is about $55-60k Thought that some of you would get a kick out of seeing this. Just look at that equipment!
  6. Wreckster, time to try out your new hobby and use that anvil. make a fire, put a piece of rusty, scrap metal in it, wait until it's red, pick it up with some pliers, hit it with a hammer on your terrific looking anvil. Don't try to make anything, just hit that metal. You will know after a minute or two it you are bitten by the blacksmithing bug or not. Wear some ear and eye protection and have some fun. cheers.
  7. what does it look like at the roof? interested to know how it works when you fire it up and if the pipe is wide enough for good suction. Have fun.
  8. Frosty, How about "tinkle". I actually use that word to my three year old...
  9. Sounds good. I think that is the safest way to go and avoid cold shuts.
  10. Hi, I meant the scales, as in the business/action part of the file. I've made knives leaving them in and some where I go to the trouble of grinding them off first. Not fun to do but might give a more sound end result. Maybe... Cheers.
  11. Rasp knife looks good. did you grind the scales flat, or leave them in?
  12. I don't often dump out the water from the slack tub, but it was getting a bit murky. How often do you find critters that didn't make it out? I got the 3 Blind Mice.
  13. Interesting how the sweet-spot edges are in seemingly perfect shape. The chips being more towards the heel... I usually see the reverse. Nice find.
  14. Frazer, she's a beauty! That is not beat up at all in my eyes. That horn looks unused. Terrific score along with the nice post vise. My edges borderline on mushroomed, but are shaped in such a way that it makes for perfect fullering on that which I need to do. Like I said before , most would think mine is in terrible shape. Tomorrow I plan to take a photo and load it up in all her glory... lol
  15. pictures my man Flatliner. A beatup Söderfors is always fun to see. my favorite is by most people's standards "beat-up" , but it has all the edges that somehow fit my needs perfectly. I don't know if anvils actually get broken in and rebound differently after years of use, but this one just has the smoothest/sweetest feel under hammer. I'll get a pic up as well.
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