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Prayers needed for Dad


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He's 88 and still lives at home with his wife and his garden.  However, he's been running a fever for 4-5 days and is really weak.  Went to the doctor today and they did run some tests and took X-rays of his lungs to check for fluid.  The County he lives in only has 6 Covid cases, and he hasn't been away from home in 3-4 weeks or more.  So, most likely something other than Covid, but at 88, even simple things become complex.  So, I'd appreciate prayers sent for his return to good health.

Thanks for any and all prayers.



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Thanks all.  Prayers are working.  Found out he’s ONLY got pneumonia.  Kind of odd to say that, but in these times.....

He’s at home, only went to the hospital for lung x-rays.  He is on some strong antibiotics and his temperature is almost normal.  It’s at 99 right now.  I know he’s feeling better as he is complaining about having to cover everything up in the garden as there is a freeze warning tonight.  

Obviously not out of the woods, but he’s much closer to clear ground. 


Thanks again.

”ask, and ye shall be answered”

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Not asking anyone to stop....just updating on its effectiveness!

I do help in the garden when I can, but he's 2 hours away for me, 1 hour for my brother, and across the street from my cousins and his brother (only 86) and about a mile from his 90 year old sister.  Family has lived in that spot of the world (total of around 700 acres) since around 1820.   5 houses on the various parcels.  Dad lives on the newest parcel (around 200 acres) purchased in 1898.  He's got lots of family support close by, but I go up as much as I can.  He tilled the garden 3 weeks ago, trimmed all the blackberry and raspberry vines 2 weeks ago, and planted spinach and carrots last week and was cutting small cedars out of the fields before the pneumonia hit.  He's a tough old bird, but at 88, any illness is bad.  I knew he was sick when he said his wife had to cover things up in the garden because he didn't have the strength.  Only took 4 days of fever to convince him to go to the doctor.  Two years ago he was cutting firewood (still heats with wood-has a wood fired boiler) and a branch kicked back and hit him in the face - 2 black eyes and 4 stitches where it tore his left nostril - he said he didn't think he got knocked out, because he stayed upright.  Just walked down to the house and had his wife take him to a Doc in the box.  Funny part to the whole thing - this happened on Wednesday, and on Sunday when he was teaching Sunday School (been doing that for at least my entire life), one of the women in the class said he looked so awful that she had to sit beside him so she wouldn't see his face!

Thanks everyone for the prayers and please do keep him on the list.

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