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What is this?

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Picture from the top so I can tell if it's a hardy, a fuller or a denglestock?  

I hope you asked the seller if they had any other such stuff.  I once bought an anvil that way.  Bought the hardy at the fleamarket and asked them where the anvil it went to was---sitting at home on the carport with the original paper lable still on the side! Bought that too.

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Well I don’t plan on putting a handle on my scythe but I figured for a dollar I wasn’t going to pass it up.  Should I clean it up and if so what’s the recommendation?

I didn’t even think to ask her if she had anything else.  The rest of her tent was just clothes, games, and one small handful of rusty tools.  

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The scythe sharpening field anvils that I've seen (I have one but in the move to Laramie it is in a box, otherwise I would post a pic) have a sharp spike base for hammering into the ground and some sort of "ears" to keep it from going too far into the ground.  I'd say what Graywall has is some sort of anvil tool, the square peg base and large defined shoulder really say hardie tool to me.  Great buy for a buck.  I'd spark test it to get an idea of whether it is wrought iron or steel.  That might give an indication of age.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Going back to the O. P. photo, there are also a host of different similar stake anvils in the sheet metal world.  They often get specific names related to the job like  "teakettle stake" and "candle-mold stake" but most are more generic.

Here's an old example of only 3 (plus bigger stakes)...but the range of these small insert stakes is so broad that they are probably more common in the sheet metal world than the smithing world. Round tops, oval tops, hex tops, square tops, rectangular tops, etc.  Most have a square post similar to an anvil hardy tool.


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