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Ma is ready to graduate.


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Maybe she knows something we do not. A full life and peaceful passage is more than most can hope for. Spend as much time with her and honor her in YOUR way and remember you have the chance to do it while she's still with you. Maybe do or bring her some of her favorite things and spend a day with her and tell her why you love her but more importantly just spend time with her.

I lost my mother suddenly to the flu two winters ago and it still hurts. If I think about it too hard it can still bring the tears to my eyes like it just happened a week ago.  There were a lot of things I wish I could have talked with her about so take the opportunity she is giving you and look at this time as a gift from her. 

You and your family will be in my thoughts




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I"m with you  Bro. I got a call from my little Sister that I needed to fly down and help with Mother. The help she needed was deciding about life support.  

Life isn't easy, I'll say some words with higher for your Mother, you and family.

Be well Brother, we're with you. Frosty The Lucky.

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Ringing the anvil in the garden, to ask for comfort for both of you. One thing I wish I could have done with my Mom was to sit with her and make recordings of our family history that only she knew. Unfortunately we were separated by 1900 miles and she would not move to be closer to us.

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