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Forge welding close-ups

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To me forge welding is the most fascinating technique in the realm of blacksmithing. I love how two ore more separate metals can be joined by heating up to near melting and then hammering them together, as if it were clay. Which you could touch with your hands, but....... only one time.... and there won't be much left of your fingers. (touching hot steel/iron a big NO-NO!)

Here's a link to a forge welding compilation I have made about various forge welds. 
It shows what the surface looks like when welding. Whereas many YouTube videos show a forge weld as a bright spot on the screen. 
There you cannot see what happens, it's all hidden. 

In my compilation, in the close-ups you can see very well what is going on! I hope this helps you who are getting into blacksmithing and are learning about forge welding!


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Joe. I have watched all your videos. The anchor project was my favorite!!  You are an insperation to smiths that love to not use power tools and do projects the old school way.   And forge welding with no flux. Wow. Keep up the good work.   Greetings from Minnesota USA :-)

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