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  1. SFC Snuffy

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    I finally finished this one, intended for a friend of mine who's an operating engineer. The head was either a 16mm or 3/4" Grade 5 bolt - I don't remember which. I tried to make a handle out of rebar, but couldn't get it to peen properly, so I cut it off and made one out of 1/2" mild steel. Surface finish is black oxide. There are some things I'm not thrilled with, but I'm pretty happy overall.
  2. Welcome! What sort of surface do you have in your shop area, or the area where you'll be forging? If it's dirt or anything other than perfectly flat, a tripod is always a good mount as all three legs always contact the floor. If you rig up a stump or solid mount for it, putting three "feet" underneath will serve the same purpose.
  3. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I bet that would give a very interesting texture. It also makes me want to see the matching swage. 58er, that wreath is stunning. Fantastic work!
  4. *Sigh* Maybe someday I'll have an anvil collection. Or, y'know, an anvil.
  5. SFC Snuffy

    Working with Briwax?

    Excellent! My thanks to you both.
  6. Does anyone have any experience using Briwax for finishing forged items? I've found a few threads on here and around the web about using it, but I just can't get any penetration; the finish just won't stick. I wonder if I'm not getting it hot enough. Any thoughts? I'm applying it with the workpiece around 350 degrees F. The Briwax bubbles and melts, but even if I apply it heavy and allow it to cool & dry, it buffs right off.
  7. I annealed a 3 lb. engineer's hammer, painted the head blaze orange, and put it on a handle that had the word "ANNEALED" burned into it. I use it for punches, top tools, and my guillotine tool. Not really necessary, but I like to think I'll get less mushrooming on the tools by hitting it with a softer hammer. So even if your hardening provides inconclusive results, there are still plenty of things to be made from the stock you have. It might be better if you look at what tools you DO have, what tools you would LIKE to have, and provide specific inquiries after you try hardening a sample.
  8. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    What are the arms made out of on your swing-arm guillotine?
  9. SFC Snuffy

    carbide cutter shank steel identification

    JHCC, let's table that for later. (Mill puns are difficult.)
  10. SFC Snuffy

    carbide cutter shank steel identification

    What's lower than "rank beginner?" Untrained amateur? Clueless bumbler? That would be me.
  11. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    A witch friend of mine asked me for a bunch of rusty hand-forged nails, the rustier the better. I didn't ask "what for."
  12. SFC Snuffy

    Leaf and flower swages

    I notice they all have a through-hole. Do you just bolt them to your workbench or other fixture? Nicely done on the pieces. My leaves never have a nice transition into the stem, whereas yours is very smooth.
  13. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I continued work on a bearded-axe bottle opener for a friend. Still a little clean-up to do on the axe head, though the die grinder at work helped significantly. The axe head was smashed out of a 3/4" Grade 5 bolt. I also bashed some rebar into shape for a handle and rough-forged a tenon. I'll do some cleanup on this, too, before final assembly. I think I'd like to give it a bit of "wood grain" texture. I also completed work on a steel feather. I've seen some really nice ones on here (I think) and wanted to try one just to see if I could. This is the first "art piece" I've done, by which I mean it doesn't have another use or purpose, though I suppose it'd make a good paperweight. It's made of collapsed angle iron, as I like the quill that's left by the angle. Finish is boiled linseed oil/black oxide. Should I give it a clearcoat too? Any preferences on matte vs. satin/semigloss vs. gloss? I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out, but I hope to do a better job on the next one. Kevin, thanks for the tip. I might just buy one and try it. Aus, that sounds like a dream job. If I ever make it to your continent, I'll try my best to come see the Village.
  14. SFC Snuffy

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Similar to the zig-zag, try a crosshatched pattern with repeating lines (equidistant spacing will help the overall appearance) going both directions. For variety space the lines going one way close together, and the lines going the other way farther apart. A little variation creates a strikingly different look. Varying the depth can also provide some interesting and unique looks.
  15. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Kevin, I've looked at the cross blanks a couple of times. How did you like it? How did you feel like it worked, compared to your thoughts going in? Yours is very nice! I'd just like to get some feedback from someone that I know has purchased and used an item before I pull the trigger on the same item.