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  1. Not *in* the shop, per se, but I picked up some hickory 4x4s today with which I intend to make a stand for my swage block. Hopefully I'll make some progress on Tuesday (first day of my weekend).
  2. I'm at the early end of my smithing hobby. For simple things like hooks, I'll usually keep a design in mind, but most of those are one-offs for me as I'm not making items for sale, so if it doesn't turn out quite as I envisioned it isn't the end of the world. It's much more challenging to make multiples of an item as identical as possible. I've recently started branching into more complicated projects (by my standards), and I've found it helpful to do a workup of the process. For something with multiple pieces, such as the fireplace tools and stand I'm working on, I'll sketch it out or even do full-size drawings. I'm neither a draftsman nor a sketch artist, but I find that rendering my ideas is both mentally stimulating and good for working out how a thing should come together. I really should take a page from Chris and Pnut (and many others on here) and try some things in clay before heading to the forge. I don't get much time at the forge, and when I do it's shared with another smith. I should work harder at being more efficient.
  3. The place I work has an awful habit of referring to things by manufacturer names. Several of my coworkers' minds were blown when I told them that the "ring-feeder" holding the turret tool ring in place was, in fact made by the German company Ringfeder. Even more so when I (helpfully) explained that not all couplers are Lovejoys (ours are actually provided by a different manufacturer, I think). It's an older facility - been in operation since 1942 - and while most of the equipment in my building is more modern than that, terminology gets handed down in a generational fashion. Even when it's wrong.
  4. My brain has the hardest time differentiating between channel locks and vise-grips, and I will often say one name when I mean the other.
  5. Oh, nice! I've been wanting to try setting it on the diagonal, but my tooling isn't really up to it at t he moment.
  6. Those are beautiful. Well done! How difficult were they to form? Raised or sunk?
  7. If you're looking for smallish pieces for knives and small tools, most knifemaking supply or blacksmithing supply websites offer stock in a variety of alloys, shapes, and sizes, as does the ubiquitous mail-order web juggernaut. In all of those cases, you'll be paying for shipping as well as retail prices.
  8. I made some hooks today. I'm not entirely happy with the scrolls but I'm learning, albeit slowly. These are made from 3/8" square HR.
  9. As someone at the opposite end of the spectrum, that is, a novice who's still looking for a forge and anvil of my own; I can attest it's sometimes dispiriting to see people with large collections. I recall watching a video of someone "blowing/shooting/firing" an anvil into the air and feeling a bit put out. I'm not operating under any delusions about my "entitlement" to any of these things, but I confess to being irritated that someone would treat an anvil so casually and callously when I so badly want one of my own. Were I better-positioned (i.e. wealthier), the shoe might be on the other foot. As it stands now, I'm hungry but no longer young and blessed with neither an over-abundance of free time nor disposable income. Put like that, it makes me wonder why I'm trying this at all! It's late for me and I'm tired after work, so I'm certain that I'm rambling. Mea culpa, mea culpa.
  10. Nice! I like the texture down the length of it. Is that 1/2" HR?
  11. If you make a decent bending jig, you'll find excuses to use it.
  12. I've no experience in this, but a web search didn't show me much. If you're looking for a video of a comparable technique you might try armorers' videos of helmet-making.
  13. I was stationed for three years at Ft. Irwin. I never thought temps in the 70s would feel cold, but those 40-degree swings between day & night sure did it! Of course, I was quite a bit younger back then... *harrumph* Anyway, heat indices here are over 100 all week. Not a deal-breaker for forging, but it requires some extra precautions and planning.
  14. There seems to be evidence that there are two disparate pieces welded together, though the weld looks somewhat unusual to me. On the other hand, I'm not a welder so that probably isn't really relevant. One edge of the face looks chipped, so I'm guessing it's more than mild steel. That surprises me a little, but I've never made or used a tool like this before. I've attached some more photos.