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  1. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Hey Daswulf, That candle holder you showed a couple of pages back (I haven't checked in for a few days)... about how long of a piece of stock did you start with? 1/4" diameter, I'm guessing maybe 2.5' worth?
  2. SFC Snuffy

    Help with 1075 for garden trowel

    Just a suggestion: railroad spikes can be used to make a decent trowel. You can find them all over Etsy for around $40-50. Chandler Dickinson makes a nice one here. If you're wanting a larger/wider blade, you could certainly rivet such to a RR spike, while still having plenty of stock for a nice twisted treatment.
  3. SFC Snuffy

    Let’s see some fire pokers

    I could use some virtual tutelage and opinions from you more-experienced smiths. I'm using 3/8"-square HR, and aiming for something like the twisted handle John B. showed on page 3 and described on page 4 (and that ausfire put his own excellent spin on, above). This is what I ended up with: And while it isn't *bad,* per se, the loop is a bit misshapen. I had trouble getting the punch marks aligned, and real trouble getting the loop into a symmetrical shape. I've got a pretty basic bending jig... maybe my heat wasn't even? Maybe I didn't isolate/freeze the right areas? Do I need different or better tooling? Maybe I just need to do it a dozen more times for practice... sigh. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Below is a pic of my bending jig. I have a few other sockets, but I was aiming for roughly a 3/4" ID loop.
  4. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Alexandr, that's truly beautiful. My hat is off to you, sir. Mudman, sorry... no pics. Feeling a bit inadequate today.
  5. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I had a productive few hours today: Made a couple of nice-looking nails. Easy stuff for most of you, but it's been several weeks since I made one; I was pleasantly surprised. Flattened the ends of some rings made of 3/16" stock for what will eventually become penannular brooches Curled a pigtail on the edge of an 8" pipe cap for a yarn bowl to appease the crochety old lady Made a prototype for some fireplace tools out of 3/8" square HR. Need to make a jig to get more consistent results, but I'm happy with the twisted handle. We'll rivet on a shovel scoop and use this one in the forge.
  6. SFC Snuffy

    Brain storming a billet

    High manganese alloys work-harden, right? Will your overwraps of wire be contributing enough mass for the overall manganese content to get that high?
  7. Well... he certainly straightened the spring quickly. But with no gloves, no apron, short sleeves, and only a couple of vice-grips holding his stock, he's one small slip away from a serious injury. In the (US) Army, we say "If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid." That's well and good right up until it doesn't work (or doing so gets you hurt). JHCC, I've been thinking about straightening some springs. When the time comes, I'll certainly give your jig a go.
  8. SFC Snuffy

    Swage block of my dreams

    Man, I never found anything like that when *I* lived in Chicago. I am appreciatively jealous!
  9. SFC Snuffy

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    I finally finished this one, intended for a friend of mine who's an operating engineer. The head was either a 16mm or 3/4" Grade 5 bolt - I don't remember which. I tried to make a handle out of rebar, but couldn't get it to peen properly, so I cut it off and made one out of 1/2" mild steel. Surface finish is black oxide. There are some things I'm not thrilled with, but I'm pretty happy overall.
  10. Welcome! What sort of surface do you have in your shop area, or the area where you'll be forging? If it's dirt or anything other than perfectly flat, a tripod is always a good mount as all three legs always contact the floor. If you rig up a stump or solid mount for it, putting three "feet" underneath will serve the same purpose.
  11. SFC Snuffy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I bet that would give a very interesting texture. It also makes me want to see the matching swage. 58er, that wreath is stunning. Fantastic work!
  12. *Sigh* Maybe someday I'll have an anvil collection. Or, y'know, an anvil.
  13. SFC Snuffy

    Working with Briwax?

    Excellent! My thanks to you both.
  14. Does anyone have any experience using Briwax for finishing forged items? I've found a few threads on here and around the web about using it, but I just can't get any penetration; the finish just won't stick. I wonder if I'm not getting it hot enough. Any thoughts? I'm applying it with the workpiece around 350 degrees F. The Briwax bubbles and melts, but even if I apply it heavy and allow it to cool & dry, it buffs right off.
  15. I annealed a 3 lb. engineer's hammer, painted the head blaze orange, and put it on a handle that had the word "ANNEALED" burned into it. I use it for punches, top tools, and my guillotine tool. Not really necessary, but I like to think I'll get less mushrooming on the tools by hitting it with a softer hammer. So even if your hardening provides inconclusive results, there are still plenty of things to be made from the stock you have. It might be better if you look at what tools you DO have, what tools you would LIKE to have, and provide specific inquiries after you try hardening a sample.