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  1. JHCC, That's is really awesome and you cant beat free. I know my Lincoln SP125 was free. Wow, you all are producing fantastic works of art or rather usable works of art. There is no shortage of talent here. Jwilson645, good on you for keeping your word. That's a rare trait these days. Your a man of honor and integrity. Those qualities will serve you well in business and in life.
  2. JHCC, Nice fab work on those bending forks. Turning 1" round to 7/8th" square is very cool thinking outside the box. Looks like flux core?
  3. I have 304 and 316L stainless steel rod and flat drop that I'm looking forward to forging.
  4. You all are doing amazing work around here. Tons of cool stuff to admire and see. I like watching the work in progress as well.
  5. I had time today to visit my forge and finally make hangers for my dinner bell triangles.
  6. Metal fatigue in engineering is a series of scholarly books that will answer all your questions you may have and more. Its worth a look.
  7. You all are killing it with some stunning work! What finish is on the cross and pen holder?
  8. Man you all have some beautiful accurate rifles. The 1885 highwall looks like a work of art. The 1903 is one I still need to add to my collection. Billybones, I thank you for your service!! Firearms and blacksmithing seem to go hand in hand.
  9. JLPSERVICEINC, very true and informative. It blows my mind that we went from horse and buggy to putting a man on the moon in less than a hundred years. Industry and technology move at break neck speed. Technology is a double edged sword, without it people are helpless.
  10. Guy down the road from me has a Ma Deuce and many other giggle switch guns. I need to take him up on his offer to shoot, but its expensive. Hes a gun collector and has an SOT license to manufacture anything he wants. Lucky guy!!
  11. BillyBones, That is a BAR Browning Automatic Rifle 200 over scale trainer from WW2. It's milled aluminum.
  12. CTG, I always read reviews and watch video reviews when thinking about buying tools from there. Sime stuff is great and some stuff is garbage.
  13. I bought a throatless beverly shear from a chain tools store. The name of the store has the word Freight in it. It cost $159.00 plus you can use the 20% coupon. I wish I would have bought this tool sooner. It cuts circles, radius, and odd shapes with ease. I use a brand name beverly shear at work and this one is on par with it.
  14. Nails must have been worth their weight in gold back in the 17 and 18 century?
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