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  1. Thank you kindly sir much appreciated!!
  2. That is a must read on my list. Should be available online I would think.
  3. Wow, she is over 190 years old. That is a blow of the mind.
  4. My anvil doesnt have a bathroom scale nor do I. Im not sure how the foot broke off. I can only assume it was dropped or wacked with a sledge/hammer or something. I think the history behind it is fasinating, wish the anvil could talk.
  5. Ill most definitely post future pictures of her. I posted pictures of her and my DIY forge in the new member introduction section you are more than welcome to check out.
  6. I have zero interest in doing anything to her other than working hot metal. I think its from the 1840s. I think she weights about 116 pounds its hard to read the numbers. Her rebound is fantastic. I pounded hot iron on her yesterday for the first time.
  7. Its missing a foot on the other side. No major damage.
  8. I picked up this tool a few months ago for free. I know its a crimper, but other than that I know nothing about it. I figured it would be a good conversation piece.
  9. No, actually I have never heard of it before. Is it off 79N? Im a cheap xxx, I try to make everything from scrap or drop I've collected over the years at work. It would be worth checking into! I just looked them up, holycow they have a lot of stuff there. Thanks for mentioning them.
  10. A while back I made a dishing stump with attachments from a worn out 300 oxygen bottle. Everything was salvaged for free from my employer. The planishing stake was a shot put I found at a garage sale for a dollar.
  11. I recently picked up a armitage mouse hole anvil, a blowhorn stake, and a pair of tongs for $150.00. The anvil is in rough shape but its perfect for newbie with five hours of blacksmithing experience.
  12. Hello all, I am a beginner blacksmith. Actually I have about five hours under my belt lol. Ive had an interest in blacksmithing for many years. I finally fabricated my coal forge from scrap I gathered from work. Im a bit overtaken with the amount of information here, so I'll probably not post much as there is a ton of information to read. I thank you all for allowing me to join this fine community!