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Building coal supplier list.

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I am trying to put together an up to date coal supplier list for the USA. and Canada. I have taken some info from a search I did of the forums but I think it would be better if I got almost all the info from one place. So what I am look for Is the
The name.
The state it is located in.
The town or city it is located in.
The phone number including area code. (please if the supplier is by you give them a call to make sure they still sell coal. This will save me a ton in long distance phone calls.)
Pricing if current and if it is bags, bulk or buckets.
What I have found from most of the other blacksmith coal supplier lists I have found doing internet searches is that they have not been kept up, so half of the places have gone out or no longer sell coal. I think by having this information and keeping it up to date it would be an awsome resource. Thank you every body for all of your help

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Dons Garden Shop
colorado springs
(719) 591-1040 i bought some there like 2 days ago
no bags and its 13cents per lbs
tis hard coal, smokes alot unless air is constantly flowing therefore it burns real fast but its xxxx cheap....from utah i think they said
they will only ship in the state and then u gotta get a big dump truck full so like 20 tons unless you bring your own truck

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The Horseshoe Barn
1223 Blumenfeld Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815
Toll Free: (800) 338-BARN
Phone: (916) 925-6534
Fax: (916) 646-4096

Elkhorn brand
Kentucky (small chunks)50 lb. Sack 28.25

Top notch service.
I order it over the phone, then send my daughter up, (about 60 miles).
They double bag it in black can liners to keep the Expedition clean, then load it for her.

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Dennis Coal 11555 Co. Rd. D Wauseon, Ohio 43567 TEL. (419) 335-4665
E-mail bed_62@Hotmail.com They carry: Kentucky Stoker (Horsecreek) 50# bag. and West Virginia Stoker (Sewell Seam) which I use comes in 50# bags @ $11.50 F.O.B. Wauseon, Ohio. as of last weekend.

City Coal Yard, 116 N. Depot Street, Brazil, IN 47834. TEL: (812) 448-8128. They carry coal from the Pocahontas No. 3 seam , loose or in 50# bags for an additional fee.

Hoover Lumber & Coal Co., 24120-2 Cr 142, Foraker, In 46526 219-831-2378 open sat till noon they have hard and soft coal, my back-up supplier, loose only so bring a shovel.

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mcraigl, you are correct. Those in Maine pay less for lobster, those in Alaska pay less for king crab, and the folks in the coal fields pay less for good coal. Shipping can sometimes be expensive.

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This is a great strart, with your help I will build an up to date suppliers list. This will help with people who are new to blacksmithing or have moved to a new area, they will now only have to look in one place. Thanks again for all of your help.

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I have used coal from both these sources. Green Valley coal is excellent. The last coal I bought from Monger was fair.

Green Valley Coal Co.
Leivasy, WV
(304) 846-6600
Sewell Stream
$140/ton, loaded into your truck/trailer

Monger Coal & Oil Co.
Elkton, VA
$5.30 for 40# bagged (call ahead to be sure they have some bagged)
$180/ton, loaded into your truck/trailer
(540) 298-1256

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The coal sources I have identified sell small piece Bituminous (Green Valley is 1/5 inch, Monger's was about an inch), which (according to the chart) weighs 52 lbs per cubic foot. Anthricite is much heavier at 69 lbs per cubic foot. The last time I went to get coal, I took a 4x6 trailer with 14" sides on it. Loaded level it was about 1500 lbs, so the 52# per cubic foot is very close.

If you take a trailer, be sure it can handle the load at speeds you will drive.

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I'm in Kentucky and buy direct from Cumberland Elkhorn Coal. It's great coal and the guy I've always dealt with is great.

Here's the info:

Cumberland Elkhorn Coal & Coke
950 Swan Street
Louisville, KY 40204

Call before you head over there. They are not always at the yard so you have to make sure they'll be there. They have a scale to weigh you on the way in and the way out. You can get it in 50lb bags (more expensive) or bring you're own container(s) (the best and cheapest option). I usually bring a 20-gallon garbage can, but I have a trailer now. Your "container" can be anything you can put coal in. The has seen people come in and put coal in many 20 5-gallon buckets.

I'll call them tomorrow to get prices and find out if they deliver. I'll respond with the rest of the information then. Heck, next time I go (which will be soon because I'm almost out) I'll take a camera with me and snap some pictures. Maybe you could include those in the list too.

Where will this information be posted? I'd love to see an updated supplier list.

Thanks for doing this. It will be valuable.

I called and it's $500 per ton ($0.25 per pound basically). You bring your own container. They do NOT deliver.

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OLC industerial material
canada B.C
they sell good quality coal and it sells currently at $40.00 per 50 pound bag.....
however there is a 100 dollar limit so you would need to buy 3 bags witch costs $120.00 and with tax arround $129.00

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