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  1. I found this which was interesting: You need to create a solenoid. Get acquainted with Lenz's law and a few other things pertaining to magnetism (any A-Level physics book will contain those things). Just take copper wire, and coil it around a paper tube of the diameter you need. You then need an alternating current source, or alternating movement. Let's say you have a 9V battery attached to a coil wrapped around a paper tube (use a resistor in series with this or prepare for fire!). You want to demagnetize a nail. You can use a constant DC current and move the nail in and out of the pa
  2. Dogsoldat, You must be talking about a Fontanini anvil. I've been talking to Steve about that. He tried dropping it while I tried another route. My Fontanini came magnetized. I just successfully de-magnetized it. At work we have a Blachard grinder with a 36" magnetic chuck. We put the anvil on it face down and ran it through a few cycles. It took 7 cycles and some creative positioning (to get the side shelf to cross as many rings as possible) to get the job done. I am interested in the other posters' responses about wiping it with a welding lead while welding. I don't know if any o
  3. I'm confused. Is there an actual organization now? I signed up for the mailing list, but have yet to get emailed about a meeting. I admit, I was laid up for a few months with a badly broken ankle, but am now back in circulation. From the other groups I've been involved with (Houston, Texas and Indiana), there were monthly meetings. That way, everyone knows when the meeting is (e.g. 2nd Saturday of the month). What are we missing? A place to meet? What is required for that? Do we have to have forging stations for everyone or just one forge used in giving a demo? What's a meeting consi
  4. As I said, I heard about the meeting via an ABANA email. I don't know if they've gotten as far as compiling contact lists from KBA.
  5. I thought it might an old treadle for a press or something.
  6. All, There was a meeting this weekend (1/26/2013) at Maynard Studios in Lawrenceburg, KY. I was alerted to it via an email from ABANA. I will post the email below. The meeting was to gauge interest and to see about revitalizing the Kentucky Blacksmith Association (KBA). I met Matthew and Karine Maynard, Lewis Meyer, Scot and Laura Kellersberger, and Daniel (I'm sorry, Daniel. I forgot your last name). The consensus was that the majority of people were there to network and learn. Lewis was the past Treasure of the KBA and was going to work on figuring out what was left in the old
  7. Well, I wrestled with making the jig, but got it done. It then required some tweaking, but it was looking good. So, I tried it. It worked, but I realized I had a flat spot in the jig. I reworked it again with the help of my brother-in-law and re-formed the scroll on the jig. I find it very challenging to be patient and easy with the torch and the scroll wrench. It is definitely a finesse thing. But, I feel good that I got a nice scroll and the customer is happy. Therefore, I will be able to finish the remaining 7 scrolls. They are about 16" each. Thanks to all who gave advice and gui
  8. Mr. Hofi, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques! Did you make the template and then cut it into segments or did you make each segment and then fit them together. Also, for large templates (1/2" x 2"), would you hand forge them hot or bend them cold with a scroll fork to get the template right? Thank you for your time.
  9. If I had large enough stock, I could, but I don't have anything larger than the 3/8". The largest I have is 1/4" x 2".
  10. [ BEWARE: This is a bit long, but I said I would update everyone when I started and I think it may be of value to others ] OK. I got the steel from the ornamental iron company and started work today on the scroll jig. Full Discloser... it did not work as I planned (whenever you get cocky, the gods make you pay)! But, do not fear, True Believer! Where there's a will there's a way. It may be kind of a goofy way, but I have to get this stuff done and get the dough-re-mi (pun intended). Leave it to me to completely underestimate just how much effort it takes to forge 1/4" x 2-1/2"
  11. I am going to try something. I agree with Frank. All this formulaic nonsense is really just spitting into the wind when it comes time to make something. I need to make some scrolls for a job. I need them to be 15" to 18". We're blacksmithing here. We aren't building an aircraft. Here's how I started. I got a piece of soapstone and stood at my crappy, little welding table and drew out a scroll about that size. How did I know it was that size? I guessed! You develop your eye after you make stuff for awhile. I put a tape measure up to my freehand scroll and voila! It was about 20"
  12. This is so well-said and helpful. Thank you, Frank!
  13. Thanks, BigRed. I'll look into it. Lots of good information in your post! rvb
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