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So....not much activity down in this section

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What are you alluding to.

Is section I.F.I. or the Salt Fork group, or some other group.

It is ambiguous to this average joe".

Are the "friends" on this site or some other,

I .m. o. more details are required.


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Good Morning,

How about I answer a question first, then you can decide how to make up your question to suite the answer.

A very innovative procedure.

On the left side, do an over easy knot. On the right side do an under easy knot. Join both knots together. Adjust as needed.


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Most of the subforums here are input driven: if nothing is input, they just idle; if a lot of stuff in input, they race!  

This means you can't judge a forum till you input something and see the response you get. 

Note that specific subforums need input specific to their specificity; so Salt Fork would not be a good place to ask a general question about propane burners; but would be a good place to ask if anyone in Oklahoma region was  going to be hosting a gas forge building workshop!

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12 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Most of the subforums here are input driven:

Precisely. large event announcements would go to the main forum to reach a wider crowd. However a small local event might be better placed here say a BBQ at your place for folks helping you put up your shop like a barn raising. Yes?

These subfora are like a bulletin board at the super market and the main forum like an add in a world wide version of the NY times. . .  that people actually read. :ph34r:

Frosty The Lucky.

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Perhaps I could have been a little clearer..  I expected to find a more up to date list of SCABA events. Our annual conference is the 13th and 14th, but isn’t mentioned.  We have a website where scheduled meetings are listed, so I can see how listing SCABA events here also might be a little redundant.

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so who at SCABA job is it to list them here?

if no one posts them here they are not here

why dont YOU post events here and news then new members from your area may find you and your events

the admins and mods here cannot post on behalf of every club or group in over 150 countries but do make space for them to post here and if you dont use it that is not IFI's fault

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IForgeIron is an international forum where blacksmiths from all over the world can exchange ideas and help each other. Look at the locations listed and you are talking like they live next door but may actually live half way across the world. Your product takes on a flavor from another blacksmith, and his culture. It is indeed a wonderful exchange of information.

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