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...Need I say more? lol

Forged W2 blade differentially hardened with clay to form a hamon. Blade is 29.5", handle is 12". Cast bronze fittings with brass menuki (sporting my maker's mark). Tsuba was designed and cast by fellow Brooklynite and metalworker Kirsten Cosgrove. Tsuka (handle) and saya are solid black G10 as per customer's request. This sword was commissioned by a big fella for use in tatami cutting... so it's going to really be put to the test! Only slightly nerve wracking. 
The customer had a limited budget, so the blade only has a satin finish. The G10 saya weighs so much and is so dense you could stop a sword then pommel your opponent to death with it haha.20180227_153417-01.thumb.jpeg.6e70897098e9f6fb4b0e99a615fa88ab.jpeg20180227_153515-02.thumb.jpeg.085bffe8edf624396fcd3d58c85a171b.jpeg20180227_153532-01.thumb.jpeg.53dbd10645244221eee2768a7aa2707f.jpeg20180227_153639-01.thumb.jpeg.23ca5572015c6ed70ad24acc111ffb23.jpeg20180227_153753-01.thumb.jpeg.21495f618efabbfe1f13f011c487d210.jpeg20180227_153951-01.thumb.jpeg.f60e34752bb0f4b9d7c825d18842b859.jpeg

Comment and critique always welcome,

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Mr. Tubalcain,


8 minutes ago, Tubalcain2 said:

I perceive pommel pummeling to be a perfectly preposterous practice for pulverizing perishing people. It is preferable to puncture your prey with the point. 

"If you wish to end him rightly...":unsure:

Sadly, Mortal combat mostly precludes such considerations as time, sentiment, etc. The affair is existential and vulgar. Best avoided.

But some situations force one to engage in it.

This is solely my opinion and limited experience.



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The purpose of playing with peas is to partake in poor table manners and get popped on the pate with a plate by the portly pantry wench. The purpose of playing with P's is plain enough!

 Very nice work Theo. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with and this one is very clean! I even like the satin finish. Looks like it's ready to "go to work".

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On 2/28/2018 at 3:20 PM, ThomasPowers said:

I would dress the habiki a bit more so it flows into the blade more.  It's a tapered fit with the throat of the saya to exclude crud.

Agree here, it was the absolute first thing that stood out to me as the pic appeared on my screen. Otherwise stellar work as always Theo.

(Theo this is Cliff btw, sorry I’ve been out of touch. Hope all is well)

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