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  1. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    Pity indeed. Well I guess the search continues . I may still have it tested if it doesn't cost too much $$ of course.
  2. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    I would buy new but the price of hydraulics here is quite expensive, it was about $400 for a new 5 inch bore cylinder. Thanks for the advice. Ross.
  3. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    Well.... that could be a problem...
  4. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    It's about 14cm from the middle of one fitting to the other. Thanks for the reply. Ross.
  5. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    Okay, I tested the cylinder using a compressor but it only extended about 3 cm and it was super stiff, I couldn't push it back in or out by hand. I think maybe it not being used in about 10+ years has something to do with this? I'll take it somewhere to have it checked out and maybe have clevis rod ends attached. But by my estimate the stroke is around 10 cm + or -. Ross.
  6. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! Great advice Ian, I will soon have access to a compressor and I'll test the cylinder. Ross.
  7. Ross Moffett

    Hello from Seattle / Bellingham, WA

    Welcome aboard Scott! Ross
  8. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    I'll try that. Some guys I've been chatting too (not on IFI) have expressed their doubt of the cylinder being telescoping but hey, only one way to find out! Any concerns or suggestions for the press design, structurally? Ross.
  9. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    Thanks for the reply! I''ve been trying to keep all the calculations in mind and I'll probably go for a 19 or 28 gpm pump (2 stage) run by a petrol engine because I don't have suitable power to be able to run an electric motor, the engine won't be under powered. Ross.
  10. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    Update* My neighbor said I could take the cylinder and its free of charge! I've been working on a design and I just wanted to run it through for inspection! Note: This is a rough design and open to change/modification. Overall dimensions H 1304 mm (Cylinder included) W 863 mm Th 254 mm All input is appreciated! Ross
  11. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    I was really hoping I'd be able to use it! I'll probably take it to some hydraulic experts and see if they can figure out its specs as it doesn't have any numbering or writing on it as far as I've seen anyways. My calculations say on a 8.2 in bore (I'm accounting for wall thickness) at 16 gpm I'll get 1.2 in per second. Good idea on having the non-ram side moveable! Ross.
  12. Ross Moffett

    Hydraulic punch press cylinder

    Hi Y'all! Today I met one of my neighbors (I've recently moved) whose a retired electrical engineer. He was showing me his home built hydraulic log splitter and the some of the parts he'd gotten from an old punch press, long story short, he still had the cylinder from the punch press and he implied I could use it for building my forging press if I wanted to! So my question is if its suitable or not? I only got the rod and bore diameter's, rod is possibly 2 stage/telescoping? Bore size: 22 cm/ 8.66 in. Rod size (smaller): 7 cm/ 2.75 in. I'm estimating the stroke is around 8 inches, maybe less. Thanks in advance!
  13. Ross Moffett

    Making an Engagement Ring

    +1 for Damasteel, I haven't worked with the Austenitic "version" of it as I make knives and not jewelry, but definitely worth consideration. Ross.
  14. Ross Moffett

    Greetings From South Africa

    Welcome aboard Charles. Where exactly are you in SA? Regards, Ross.
  15. Ross Moffett

    Forging Press Design

    Jspool: Thanks will do. Regards.