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  1. Ross Moffett

    Making an Engagement Ring

    +1 for Damasteel, I haven't worked with the Austenitic "version" of it as I make knives and not jewelry, but definitely worth consideration. Ross.
  2. Ross Moffett

    Greetings From South Africa

    Welcome aboard Charles. Where exactly are you in SA? Regards, Ross.
  3. Ross Moffett

    Forging Press Design

    Jspool: Thanks will do. Regards.
  4. Ross Moffett

    Press Design - To have or not to have 45 degree joins?

    Thanks for all the replies and advice. I'm looking forward to starting this project. Ross.
  5. Ross Moffett

    Press Design - To have or not to have 45 degree joins?

    BeaverNZ: Thanks. I think I will go the extra mile and box it in with stiffeners. Jspool: I'm aiming for around 30 tonnes.
  6. Ross Moffett

    Press Design - To have or not to have 45 degree joins?

    Here's the updated design, I hope I did the correct modifications? Beaver NZ: How should I strengthen this design more? Ross.
  7. Ross Moffett

    Press Design - To have or not to have 45 degree joins?

    Beaver NZ: Thank you for the reply sir. I will definitely change the frame then. Ross.
  8. Ross Moffett

    Press Design - To have or not to have 45 degree joins?

    Jspool: Thanks for the reply. Sometimes -read mostly always- I may get a bit carried away with trying to get a "neat" design, your advice is definitely a better and more economical route, especially if I can't get hold of a metal bandsaw to use. Though I think I shall still put gussets in all the corners. Ross
  9. Hi Y'all, My latest press design has the I beams connecting at a 45-degree angle, my question is if this is as structurally sound as say the beams connecting at 90-degrees? I've colored the I beams different colors for ease of viewing - refer to image below. Thanks in advance, Ross
  10. Ross Moffett

    what press should i get

    Good luck. The log splitter method WILL be the easiest, safest and cheapest. Give me a shout if you need help with anything! turning log splitter into a press is not easy or always safe
  11. Ross Moffett

    what press should i get

    michael klemz, I wouldn't go any lower than 16 tons, I suggest you check out Coal Iron Work's presses to get a general idea of pricing... IF buying a press is out of the question then maybe look into getting an old log splitter (20 + tons) and convert it into a forging press, which would probably be cheaper and easier than building a forging press from scratch. Check out Big Dog Forge's video about converting a log splitter into a forging press on youtube. Make sure when buying a log splitter that the quoted tonnage is not quoted from the log splitter's ram cutting edge and rather the cylinder's rod because of smaller surface area = more tonnage (I hope I've made at least an ounce of sense.) I'm sure more experienced people will chime in soon and give you better advice than mine. Disclaimer: I'm only 15 yrs so don't take anything I say for granted!! Ross
  12. Ross Moffett

    Suitable press for forging?

    ianinsa, Thank you for the offer but unfortunately, I'm moving down to the western cape (Overberg area) later this week. Although I would greatly appreciate it if you could maybe send the presses and power packs specs? Thanks and regards, Ross
  13. Ross Moffett

    Suitable press for forging?

    Received a reply from the seller, he says he thinks it was used as a molding press, so probably won't work for forging.......? Regards.
  14. Ross Moffett

    Suitable press for forging?

    Hi Y'all, Found this hydraulic press on "Gumtree" and I was curious if it could be used or adapted for forging? The description given by the seller: Good condition. Heavy duty. 300mm opening. Good value. Was going for 40000 then 30000 and now it's 20000, price in South African Rand. Thanks in advance.
  15. Ross Moffett

    Wood splitter as a press

    All the log splitter presses I've seen have been converted to electric, remember electric motors are stronger than gas.