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Mute the ringing

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This clamping set up, in my opinion, has a couple of issues.

The half moon or semi-circle between the feet is serving no purpose as it is presently positioned. It appears to be just a piece of the sheet metal banding folded over and resting on the stump. If you look closely it is keeping the right side foot in the air and not allowing it to touch the anvil stand. It does not hold anything as the screws actually hold the metal banding in position and fix the banding to the anvil stump. 

The half moon is usually a piece of 2x something wood and should rest on the anvil stand between the feet of the anvil and snug against the anvil, to keep the anvil from shifting position. 



The clamping device has the possibility of pinch points and seems to be in the way. One method to correct this would be to flip it over with the angle iron covering the feet. This would lower the metal frame and reduce the pinch points while still holding the anvil securely to the base. The angle iron may need to be a little longer to the bolts are on the outside of the anvil feet.

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21 hours ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

Don't know about that. Without the blacksmith, the stone cutters would not have the tools to cut the stones.

I must disagree Pyramids and Stonehenge were both Pre Bronze age works not iron... sorry

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8 hours ago, Steve Sells said:

I must disagree Pyramids and Stonehenge were both Bronze age works not iron... sorry

Well, Stonehenge has a long history of construction, demolition, and reconstruction; the later parts were certainly Bronze Age, but the earliest construction was Neolithic.

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On May 3, 2017 at 11:09 AM, Thats Hot... said:

Sand !!!!  The ringing has been a part of smithing from day one.. This is like a swimmer who does not like to get wet...

That's similar to what I have. My stand is made of 4x6 treated lumber with that recess in the center.  The sand quiets the ring but doesn't totally deaden it. So I can, if I choose, let 'er ring a little.  Adding a magnet under the heel is for the neighbors' (and my family's) sanity.

Well heck, just post a photo.


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I find this very interesting. First I started with a very large speaker magnet. I grinded the side that was attached to the basket flat. I then put it on the bottom of the flat horn. What is so interesting is that the position of the magnet causes different results. I can move it mere millimeters and cause the anvil to ring again. Right now it is totally ring free. 

So if you have tried a magnet and was not satisfied, try it again. 

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Interesting note Thomas. Has anybody tried to see the nodes by putting a powder on the face of the anvil and striking her? I will try myself later in the week but I believe I have two nodes where there is next to no ring when I strike.

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