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  1. Of course, you're right. It's all knowing when to jump on the wagon and how far to ride it! I have steel on CI, cast steel and steel on WI and of all of them I prefer the cast steel anvils. I haven't tried a fancy new ductile iron anvil but I've heard good things.
  2. Forget Maggie thatcher! This was the singular reason for the death of the Sheffield steel industry; An inability to move with the times. My parents moved out of Sheffield at just the right time I think (early 60's). My dad still ended up working in the industry but for a crane manufacturer in Germany where they were actually thinking forward and investing in new process.
  3. Is there a German wikipedia? You could run it through google translate and search for anvils and see what pops up.
  4. Funny you should say that. I pulled some bars of wrought from an old gutted stable block door and they looked so smooth and uniform I assumed them to be mild steel. After I put them in the forge and had one delaminate on me while punching I soon realised I had 60-70lbs of WI. I'm saving it for when I'm a bit more competent to make pretty things with!
  5. Cool, get forging on it!
  6. 20 years of work and still looking great. I managed to chip my Vulcan within 6 months, it is only 50lbs though and the work too heavy
  7. That would be an excellent price here in the UK but I'm sure it's not quite that linear.
  8. I believe the Birmingham pattern was intended for heavy shoeing and agricultural use thus no need for a step. There is also a Portsmouth pattern which has a squared off bick the other side to the conical horn much like a French anvil. I have no idea about the use for the Portsmouth pattern; shipping/rigging uses maybe?
  9. I was about to chime in with this when I noticed you'd beat me to it. Anvil looks in great condition. Is there any chance of a gander at the vice?
  10. Yeah well the fact that they sell and you never need buy a birthday/Christmas present again is a minor point compared to the satisfaction of making them right.... :s
  11. I've actually never heard of one. Must be an american Thang!
  12. There's a workable bit by the heel. More than enough space for someone with your talents! But I concur, a lot of money for a poorly anvil.
  13. I like pretties that double as practical trinkets. Keyring bottle openers, sporks, green woodworking's tools e.t.c.
  14. Thought it looked like a fisher Good score!
  15. Go and see it ASAP, do the rebound test. Depending on it the size a decent PW should have 80%+ . It might have just seen alot of bad treatment but be otherwise okay.