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I had it weighed.. the person doing it swore it was correct but I doubt it is.. 16,600 combined weight of truck and trailer..  6800 truck and 9800 trailer... 


I don't think it's right because the truck is a 96 F250 7.3L Auto with long cab and long bed with all the shoeing equipment in it.. GVW on the sticker is 9800lbs and it has a Dana 60 front vs TTB.. 

The anvil  275, stand 290,, vise 230, forge 225,  HC box 275, bar stock 600lbs,  tongs 150lbs, hammers 100lbs, shear 35lbs.. coal 100lbs..    4 sheets of 18G 4X10', 2 18G 4X8' sheets. 

40ft of 3" heavy channel,  40ft of 1/8'x 1" sq tube. 80ftx 0.062X1"sq tube, 50ft of 1/8"X1"X3" tube, Fenders are 1/8" X24"X 8ft X2,  Stack is 100lbs, 

Work bench I figure is about 200lbs and blower 80lbs...  Water tank 300lbs.. 

30ft of 1/2" black iron water pipe..  Jacks 50lbs..  

The springs in the trailer don't even take a sag and have plenty of arc left in them when on the ground...

if someone wanted to figure it out all the materials and equipment weights are there.. 

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47 minutes ago, Kevin Olson said:

The pickup weight is right but almost 10k on  the trailer. Seams a bit much. You would definatly feel that when taking off from a stop. Do you have to put your foot into it to get it to go?

Not really I mean I'm not a heavy footed driver when towing but 64sq ft of sail makes a little difference.. . I do feel this huge air brake I'm pulling.. anything over 60mph and the shear sq footage of the front will slow you if there is a head wind or you let off the throttle even going down hill..  Under 60 and it pulls really nice.. tracks straight..   I have since installed all new greaseable bronze bushings and new pivots... It pulls like a champ.. 

15 minutes ago, JHCC said:

Anywhere near you with a drive-on scale?

Thats how I had it weighed..  At a gravel pit.... I can't confirm it but again I think the weights might have gotten mixed up.. 

If someone wanted to figure out all the matieral weights and then added all the equipment together it would be close.. :) LOL

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Yea, I think he got the two tickets swapped. Any farmers coops around? In Lindsay we have a grain coop and a truck scale at the truck stop, over in Chicksha we have a cupple of scrap yards... All with scales. 

Having stuffed over 3500# of PMU mares in two horse I can say they are stout, but I don't see 5000# in the trailer

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Good Morning,

You can drive over any Truck Scale on a highway. No charge. Quite often there is a digital display and you can check each axle weight.

We have a Potable Blacksmith Trailer, the box is 17 feet long. Loaded with all the trinkets it tips the scale over 8000 lbs.


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 When you say loaded.. Do you mean like my trailer?  Or do you mean loaded like stacked in?

Any scale on the side of the road here has State police or DOT people watching them....  i have personal plates on everything so I can avoid the inspections which occur here at every weigh station open.. Unless you have passenger plates..   

I keep all my stuff up to par, but  a bad bulb,  or any regulation that you do not adhere to can get you huge fines and even having your equipment towed or confiscated..  Also once you move up to commercial plates you have to keep a log book... 

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Yup still have crown..  Up till this past summer all the bushings and pivots were worn and the trailer still pulled decent..  

Once I replaced everything with Greaseable fittings and bronze bushings and new center pivots I was amazed at just how nicely it tow's..   And now it doesn't even make a sound going over the bumps.. :) 


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This trailer was originally built in 1976.. Paid 400 for it 8 years ago and it then lived outside in the back field for those 8 years..  Neglect.. Nah.. Just miss understood.. :)   LOL.. 

She took on a new life and neglect isn't in the cards any longer..  She's very spiffy now and as long as I continue to do demos she'll get paint and upkeep.. 

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what an amazing job!  Just from looking at your photo documentation here I am feeling inspired.  I have the same anvil.  I love it!  started on an old mouse hole and went for the gold.  Again, Amazing innovation and amazing work. 

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update time.. 

I have since use the trailer many times and have used it as the primary forge for nearly all the "How to" videos.  It's been great.. 

One problem that has been shown to me is..  the 3500lbs jacks were not up to the task..   Since only 1 jack is used at a time and they were pretty HF jacks the top bevel gears were wearing..  I found this when the bushings on 1 jack let go and I tried to fix it with a new bushing.. When I pulled the top cap the gear showed wear.. 

I then checked another one and it also showed wear..    They weren't great jacks to begin with..  

Problem was I never thought about having to replace the front ones and they were welded in before the side sheet metal was installed..  

So, I bought some 12,000 lbs jacks and got it figured out how to install the front ones.. This will also make is so I can adjust the height from the outside instead of inside through the open door.. 

the jacks will now be bolted in so for future replacement will be easy..   The channel is 8" at 18.75ft.. 









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Here are the mounting plates drilled and tapped for 7/16 bolts..    I added a bottom bumper which fits into the Channel for added support.. 

Next I'll weld the tapped plates in, then fit weld the brackets onto the jacks..  Only have a little over a week till the trailer is needed for demo.. 







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I have no technical or structural opinions because I'm not qualified to make them. However, I am an expert in laying about doing nothing and I must warn you that you're making us lazy layabouts look bad. And hurting our feelings.

Srsly, I've been following this build and dang, this looks pretty sweet.

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Ohio,  I like your expertise..    These days it's been 85F and up with humidity in 90% range.. It's been brutal but have been chugging through to get it finished.. Demo's start next week.. 

I'm sorry about making you look bad.. :)   She's a labor of love and with any good item, she needs to be right..   I would imagine getting the jacks sorted will be about the last things done..  I have a few small things but for the most part getting the jacks done with proper mounts will be good all the way around.. 

So here are a few of the front jacks installed with the new floor sections.. 







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Was able to get 1 rear jack figured out and installed..  Only 1 more to go..    3 Day demo coming up this coming weekend.. Gotta get it all button up by then.. 

I keep looking at the new Jacks and the mounts as not being strong enough, yet when I see what was there before it's a Duh, moment.. 







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Thanks Traci,   coming along just fine..   Today I finished up the jack install.. Tomorrow I will install the light and plate brackets.. 

Very exciting to have the jacks installed..  It was 100F heat index today with 90% humidity..   Makes for a day to just have over..  and Tah dah.. 

Today was 8 hrs 









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