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  1. I was talking to one of my mentors and he told me it might be a emergency bunker vent, as it has both hand crank and mechanized capabilities. Mine had a coupler for a air line on the intake that had a gasket. It does not have the flat blade blower commonly found on solid fuel blowers, Rather it contains a hybrid squirrel cage fan that actually moves a bit of air. At some point in the future I will see what the water column pressure is. All in all, I am happy with it.
  2. what an amazing job! Just from looking at your photo documentation here I am feeling inspired. I have the same anvil. I love it! started on an old mouse hole and went for the gold. Again, Amazing innovation and amazing work.
  3. you have certainly had some time to really think this out. Consider yourself fortunate and ahead of the curve. It really looks amazing. End grain floors are amazing to stand on
  4. I have one of these beauties. Have to say quite impressed. Was a little much on shipping but considering what I would have spent on one that is comparable it was a good deal. keeps an Anthracite coal going.
  5. Well I am glad That I have taken the time and have listened to the discussion here as it has opened my eyes to different views of this subject. I would have certainly loved to have seen what was being talked about but the commentary was informative as well. Thank you for the lesson of the day and I do hope to see more pictures up here on this subject soon. Thanks, Noob
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