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Patience Sometimes Pays Off

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Every once in awhile, you come across the rare find. In this case, someone wanting to quickly unload a deceased family
 members shop. Three anvils (Hay Budden, Trenton and another I'm not sure of) as well as some tongs, a railroad railing anvil and two
 really old canon balls. They even helped me load it...all for $200.


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4 minutes ago, JME1149 said:

What a great score! Congrats to be the proud new owner. That third anvil has the body shape of a Fisher, possibly.

That's the one I have no idea what it is....I haven't wire brushed/cleaned them yet...the Hay Budden weighs in around 123lbs and is the largest of the three,

I'll dig out my Postman anvil book and look that up. Thank You!

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That one with the really thin heel is a gem.  I have one like that mounted next to my 515# Fisher and use the slim heel a lot! Like hooking an S hook on it to straighten the shaft with the stinky hammer (I use a rawhide mallet to straighten twists and it does stink when you hit hot metal with it...)

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Some poor old bugger is rolling in his grave right now. reminds me of the old joke -

Two old boys sitting in heaven, one is balling his eyes out - his mate asks him what's the matter?

he says, after I died my wife sold all my stuff for what I told her I paid for it !   :)



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I plan on cleaning them up and posting some better pictures. I would sure appreciate some of you who are pretty savvy on anvil identifications to help me identify them.

Thank You!


7 minutes ago, b4utoo said:

I will give you $220 bucks for it all...because I want you to make a profit on your hard work....need my address?



I think the cannon balls are cool addition.

Let me ponder your offer and I'll get back to you (wink). :)


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The Hay Budden has a stamp number of 60762 and the Trenton has a number of 8574. The third one is the rougher of the three...still trying to get an ID on it.  This is the only markings I can find on it. (first picture). Any help on identifying would be appreciated. The Trenton is in pretty good shape and I like it the best of the three. The Hay Budden is good too. Both have a very straight tops. I laid a straight edge on them and used a flashlight to see any gap from behind the edge.

Thanks fellas!






One last picture of the Trenton  "Reliable"


8 hours ago, Frosty said:

Nice score all round. Nope, don't see a Fisher but I could be wrong. Take a really close look at the cannon balls, they could contain gun powder as old as the Civil War.

Frosty The Lucky.

Geez....never thought about that...thanks....I'll leave them on the shelf.  I'm an avid collector, not a seller...anvils, vises, oiler cans, A&W mugs.....they're all my "little kids" and the thought of parting with one I just can't fathom.....sigh.....


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The shape of the indent in the first photo is typical of Hay Budden, but those raised cast numbers (11 & 22) are something I haven't seen before. More pictures may help to identify that old girl, right and left sides, under the heel and horn, front foot face. Try a little chalk to bring out any hidden markings.

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After some wire brushing/scrubbing, here's few more pictures of the "Mystery Anvil. Outside of the 11 and 22 under the base, I could only find what looked to be a number 5 just up and to the right of my finger...that's it. Any ID help on this would really be appreciated. It's obviously had some hammer time and has some rough areas. I put it on the medical scale and it weighed right at 100 pounds. Sorry for the poor pictures, photography isn't really my strong point. :)












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On ‎16‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 11:04 PM, SpankySmith said:

Oh great, when I started it took me months of searching and I had to drive to another state to find an anvil, and you get three for the price o' one?!   agggghhhh, life is so unfair to me!  :( :P

Interstate's nothin' Susan. I got my HB from the other side of the world! It's a long way from Ohio to here. ;)

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