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  1. I like it. Looks like a grapple hook to me. Maybe you can catch dragons with it?? Pretty Cool either way
  2. Looks great for a first time deal.
  3. Thinking of you Glenn. You guys got hammered down there.
  4. Yeah, we can shoot for July sometime, I'm taking my son to Cedar Point in a couple weeks. Hoping to have a little time for some of my own stuff then but money jobs always take priority. We will figure it out. I love your videos. They're great
  5. Yeah, this one is is sweet. Were gonna need to get together soon man. Great job!!
  6. Well, look at it like this Thomas.... When you do any HF TIG welding, you may be able to contact extraterrestrial beings from distant parts of the galaxy with that equipment..
  7. Don't forget that every diabolical super villain needs one of those big, black spinny chairs with remote control buttons on the arms
  8. Maybe the Viking is a Los Angeles Rams fan?? Super job on it!!!
  9. I have that book and it truly is an excellent resource. Weygers is (was?) darn near genius. If anything, it's a great read with lots of informative pictures.
  10. 7A749


    That's pretty sweet. I like the brass pieces.
  11. 7A749

    Show me your Lathe

    Just found this thread a little while ago... I have a Monarch Model 61 16" X 30" lathe. Have 12" & 10" three jaw chucks for it, Aloris CA tool-post and tools. Manufactured in 1954. I've had it like 12 or so years. I run it off a static phase converter and have had zero issues doing so. It's not perfect, but it's been a good machine for the general work I do.
  12. I haven't done anything with it as of yet. I think it may run a 2 X 60 belt, but I have to measure it. Dunno on the year either. I need to call Burr King about some stuff regarding it and I'll see if I can get a DOM on it when I do. A friend had it and it has been sitting out on his property for quite awhile. He buys and sells machinery too, but on a much bigger scale than me. I have another larger belt grinder I bought awhile back that I'm probably gonna get running first, since it needs less work than the Burr King does. The motor on the BK is an after the fact job and I can't seem to find a
  13. Miller and the Hobart brand are both owned by ITW. When Hobart was acquired by them in the mid 90s, (not sure on an exact date IIRC anyways) ITW took the light industrial/homeowner part of the company and Thermal Dynamics, the heavy industrial part. This is why a number of offerings with both the Hobart and Thermal Dynamics branding looked identical. Sanrex manufactured the inverter machines for TD then and were the first to develop the waveshape technology currently offered by Miller and Lincoln on their flagship TIG inverter machines (soft square, adv square, triangle wave). The acquisition
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