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  1. thats a start, more info than I have. So its weighted in grams...good starting point to search thank you
  2. Found this hammer awhile back, and someone asked me about it. Can you identify? Have background info. I think it says Special Warranted 800 with a texas logo surrounding it. But please give your own ideas
  3. I guess I wear blinders. There's a thrift store less than 2 miles from me. Never knew it. Until over a year later lol Found these there with a set of tongs... Any idea of what they were...roughly 2" and 3.5" size solid
  4. b4utoo

    Weird looking post vise

    Can you post better pics? Especially around the pulley area. Looks interesting
  5. where is your location...if close. I sometimes get lucky and find them on occasion...sometimes pretty cheap or up for trade. If close I will point you in the right direction if I locate one...
  6. NOT MEANT TO BE!!! GOT IT ALL SET UP, AND TAKES WAAAAAY TOO LONG TO GET HOT, AND TAKES WAAAAY TO LONG FOR ANYTHING I PUT IN THERE TO GET HOT!! UGGH! Going back to my coal sweet coal forge! I'm sure people have had way better experiences, more burners, better fire brick etc.... I have patience, but not that much patience....
  7. Found a few things...thought I would see if I can put together a gas forge... Here it is so far...started this afternoon. Added a side piece for a table in case I need to set something down... Its some kind of air tank on top...bottom is some kind of button stand...I literally had a box connected to it with a button in it....no idea what is was for... grabbed a metal box I had laying on side of house... I needed some height so I figured I would add the box for some storage... ..not sure what I'm going to add or subtract tomorrow on it, but its fun seeing what I can figure....
  8. I was watching and thinking the same thing! Or switch out the motor...maybe it's just me but I have no less than half a dozen extra motors laying around for and from one thing or another...hit up "Craigstlist or Overnight from ebay. Something! I thought they just wanted to set up the situation for the new hammer to come into the picture....
  9. Maybe because everyone is so Suit Happy....companies are trying to cover themselves from openly offering anything directly that could in any way shape or form cause harm or leave them open for lawsuit.
  10. Just bought a few pieces of PVC and attachments...grabbed some Blue Indicating Silicagel Beads....need to add one more piece tomorrow after this part dries... Going to build a cage for it, in case I have a failure...don't want a piece of plastic shrapnel ruining my day... Figured this was the cheapest way to go on running my plasma cutter... I have a harbor freight drying setup that I want to upgrade from.
  11. Very refreshing Copyrighted image removed
  12. Well I took some people's advice. Looked up and ordered Norton Blaze and Cubitron 2x72 sanding belts... And figured I would swing by Lumber yard and ask for a deal on some cutting scraps... Found out the place I ordered from is close by about a hour away....Tru-Grit (.com)... So I figured I would swing by and pick up my order...they said they would refund me my shipping or give me store credit. Well I walked in and it was like a office and desk....very small looking place...wasn't sure I was in right place. They told me go ahead on back into the warehouse section...I was greeted a second and then a 3rd time.. Told them I was there to pick up a order. They had it ready in a couple minutes...THEY GAVE ME EVEN MORE CREDIT THAN I WAS ENTITLED! AND SEEMED HAPPY TO DO IT....Then I recieved EXCELLENT service in my looking for other belts and was offered great advice WITHOUT upselling me! I cannot tell you how great it was to go there...they had a $change issue on my extra purchase...I ask just throw me another belt in if it helped...THEY UPSIZED ME AND GAVE ME 2 MORE GOOD BELTS!! So I spent about $60 bucks on 5 belts online ordering....but while I was there I left with 16 belts with only $25 extra out of pocket.... AAA FOR TRU-GRIT Then I went to Peterman Lumber...asked for some scrap hard wood they were awesome...they kept looking around for me, just to add to my pile and charged me the same for what I wanted for $30. See pics...I even got 4 huge thick slabs of Mesquite they added before I left...got all kinds Black Walnut, Mesquite, Mahogony, and a few other odd name woods...THEY SAID I WAS MORE THAN WELCOME TO COME BACK AND WILL GLADY HOOK UP ME AGAIN... Today was a good day....Nothing but good things to say about these two places! Anyone who is in CA...I would recommend you swing by these places if any of this stuff interests you.
  13. If you have property...maybe build something like this...so you can work from home...
  14. you can get all kinds of name brand portaband saws for under 70 bucks at the swap meets.... I picked up a milwaukee like this one (not the same, just a pic of one like it) for 50 bucks with box etc.... and there was another portaband heavy duty all metal 2 speed for 65 bucks...this was last week...I see them all the time...Just go early!
  15. I have a milwaukee metal hand held bandsaw....(got rid of my dewalt) And every time I cut, it depends on the TPI blade...brand of blade... What you're cutting...how old and used the blade is... Are you wiggling the saw, teeter tattering it etc.... (seriously) If you cut angle iron or square tubing it slows down at the corners etc... Not sure if any of this helps or is a big Duh! but its just my experience...hope it helps.
  16. Came out to be 1600 for plasma cutter and the consumables.....(Consumables alone almost total that locally all hypertherm brand) So I made out pretty good.... Selling...no idea what you can get...Supply and demand...find out what they sell locally...and ebay... is it 30 or 30 xp? And my compressor has been awesome when running....
  17. Added another arm...welded and smoothed out a piece of angle iron to another piece of 1 3/4" square tube... But I think I need to adjust the back plate behind the belt itself...I think its a bit too low and don't want it accidently hitting the wheel... But I need to adjust the back plate, because it blocks the new arm.... This has turned out pretty cool, but ALOT more work than I thought it would be... And might switch up the spring tracking set up.... I want to make it easier to adjust the belt tightening...
  18. Well I "surfed" the internet...and Both Norton Blaze and Cubitron Belts both dominate the "best" list as of what people are very happy with....I even seen a couple "vs" youtubes.... So now I am just looking for a good source for either "CHEAP"
  20. Actually helps alot.... I wouldn't of considered 36 or 40 grit...just tells me I need to rethink some things....I would like to remove some material when needed fast... I will look up the 3m cubitron I'm totally clueless on the ceramic belts
  21. Figured I would pick some brains... I just got some Grizzly 80, 240 320 or something like that grits...Just put the 80 on...Not too impressed....but maybe I just had high expectations... Just wanted to see how it worked taking some off a knife I'm making....Did notice the stuff stinks! It smelled up my house, I left in on my sink, its all I could smell... I prefer Norton and 3M in my other sand papers I have used...I'm thinking thats what I need to get next for my 2x72...Or? What should I use and where should I buy it... What do you guys use? What grits do you guys use most and why?
  22. I locate Pawn Shops that are close enough to drive to...then I call around and ask if they sell online...ebay mainly. I tend to get the tools really cheap, and am able to get them over others because I can avoid shipping charges by picking up locally... If they have a free shipping, offer a lower price buy it now....do a local pick up....They usually are interested in avoiding ebay fees...so they might just let you go pick up without ebay middle man.. Yard sale and swapmeets are good too.... But Pawn shops tend to have a good selection
  23. I have good ones, I just mention harbor freight if the cost is a issue..... Ive been lucky acquiring them....
  24. Go to harbor freight and get a cheap one....you're looking to do more work without one
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