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Show Me Your Candle Holders

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These are what I've been making lately.  A 3" square of sheet metal with a 4 petal flower on it, layed out much the same as the Aspery rose petals.  13" of 1/4" round for the handle wrapped around a quick jig for consistency.  An old washer off a bridge or something with a punch made from the 3/4" bolt that went through the washer. Work hot, punch the candle cup in and roll the petals out. 



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The copper was some drops from some material that I made some Buss Bars from for the utility company here

They were rather large Bus Bars and the material was 1/2 inch thick X 3 inches wide

The drops ranged from 3/4 inch to 2 inches wide that were left after sawing the lengths of copper to the required size.

Thought this would be a better use for the drops than just scrapping them even though copper prices were high.



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My concern with candle holders is that they be very stable; you don't want them falling over and burning the house down.

Yesteryearforge, I really like your work. The copper is very attractive. I have made one of the Trillium candle holder and like that design very much. Thanks.

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 This is meant for the "votive" type candles.                                                                                                                                                                                   I have found its very important to get buyers to use good candles . Dollar store  candles will be done in an hour and dump a bunch of wax on the table as well .High quality candles will burn many hours and never drip. 

Really enjoying this thread .Thanks everyone.


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