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  1. steevo99

    It followed me home

    4340, 2 1/2"dia, about 25" long. I gave just under $21 for the 4340, two 8" "c" clamps and some misc. sq. bar drops
  2. steevo99

    Portaband table

    I built a stand for my porta-band and I have to say it's the handiest! The last photo in the series reminds me: the lower guide bearings take a beating. Small pieces, grit etc all pass thru that slot in the top plate. Keep a set of replacement bearings and screws on hand.
  3. steevo99

    What did you do in the shop today?

    JHCC, That's a clever hot cut!
  4. steevo99

    Thomas Powers

    Bravo Thomas
  5. steevo99

    Thomas Powers

    Good luck, my friend!
  6. steevo99

    Thomas Powers

    Speedy recovery. I owe you a cup of coffee
  7. steevo99

    Hole punched in the wrong orientation

    I like the Jim Coke solution, thin saw cut, rotate, weld etc. Been there but didn't done that. Thanks for the tip Jim
  8. steevo99

    Corkscrew design

    The semi-sharp edges remind me of an auger or maybe a gimlet. You could test by just running 1/4" or so drill bit into a cork an try to pull it out with a pair of vice grips. I like the lag bolt suggestion from SmoothBore
  9. steevo99


    Great! Any chance of a few"under the hood" photos?
  10. steevo99

    Harbor Freight shop hammers?

    After the reshaping of the head, would you harden and temper the fuller end?
  11. steevo99

    This is a tough one

    Kind regards for your father in law, you and your family.
  12. steevo99

    Mouse hole anvil

    WOW, The MH anvil is an exact match to the one I have. Looks identical, same condition except for the teapot on the end of the bick. I bet you'll have that dressed in no time.
  13. steevo99

    another echidna

    I'm always amazed at the creative part of re-purposing. Bravo!
  14. steevo99

    Branding iron article in German

    I live some in NM, some in TN and one time my wife and I were eating breakfast at the only breakfast joint in town and ran into a German couple that came specifically for the Western/cowboy and Indian culture. We invited them out the house and an spent the day trading stories. They loved the local museums, the land and when they saw a cowboy w/spurs it was over. We have been swapping Christmas cards ever since. I'd like to know when that article hits the magazine, Rolf would get a kick out of would I Steve.