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  1. 4340, 2 1/2"dia, about 25" long. I gave just under $21 for the 4340, two 8" "c" clamps and some misc. sq. bar drops
  2. I built a stand for my porta-band and I have to say it's the handiest! The last photo in the series reminds me: the lower guide bearings take a beating. Small pieces, grit etc all pass thru that slot in the top plate. Keep a set of replacement bearings and screws on hand.
  3. Speedy recovery. I owe you a cup of coffee
  4. I like the Jim Coke solution, thin saw cut, rotate, weld etc. Been there but didn't done that. Thanks for the tip Jim
  5. The semi-sharp edges remind me of an auger or maybe a gimlet. You could test by just running 1/4" or so drill bit into a cork an try to pull it out with a pair of vice grips. I like the lag bolt suggestion from SmoothBore
  6. steevo99


    Great! Any chance of a few"under the hood" photos?
  7. After the reshaping of the head, would you harden and temper the fuller end?
  8. Kind regards for your father in law, you and your family.
  9. WOW, The MH anvil is an exact match to the one I have. Looks identical, same condition except for the teapot on the end of the bick. I bet you'll have that dressed in no time.
  10. I'm always amazed at the creative part of re-purposing. Bravo!
  11. I live some in NM, some in TN and one time my wife and I were eating breakfast at the only breakfast joint in town and ran into a German couple that came specifically for the Western/cowboy and Indian culture. We invited them out the house and an spent the day trading stories. They loved the local museums, the land and when they saw a cowboy w/spurs it was over. We have been swapping Christmas cards ever since. I'd like to know when that article hits the magazine, Rolf would get a kick out of it....so would I Steve.
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