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I Forge Iron

Makes ya wonder??


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Just spent the last hour or so on eBay looking at the blacksmith tools and such, it is amazing to me how all of them are Vintage or Antique or both :huh: .....some are antiques most are not very old i would say, just goes to show if you want something to sell call it vintage or antique........and the prices :wacko: .......whats this world coming too.....that's my rant for this weekend.......Everybody have a good week..........thanks :D

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     your  right wasn't looking for an anvil have two already, was just looking at the hammers and other hardy hole stuff.......mighty spendy, just have to make my own when i get time....

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Yeah, it's been a while since I e-bayed. I've even seen arc-chipping hammers called antiques!


Something to try that I've done in the past, but which requires patience. Type in 'odd' or 'strange' in front of the object you're seeking, as in "odd hammer" or 'odd tongs.' You will find that some of them are not odd at all; the seller simply didn't know, and the selling prices are often lower that if you typed in 'blacksmith's hammer.'

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I t seems like if it's old its an antique and worth more except some of us!  Overheard a fellow trying to sell some stones out of a long gone barn foundation wall and set a price that was way high and he said but they "Are Old Stones".  I wasn't aware they made new ones. 


Old does not = big money.  If it did we would be worth a million bucks!

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Hey they are making new stones *every* *day*; fast in places like Hawaii, Iceland, Mid Atlantic Spreading Center using the igneous method; slow all over the globe through sedimentary processes.

When I ran into the "Old = Valuable" at the fleamarkets in Ohio I would pick up a piece of gravel with a fossil in it and tell the guy it was *A* *Million* *TIMES* *OLDER*; but I would trade him for the piece in question *EVEN*! They never took advantage of that great offer, I don't know why...

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Greetings All,


Typical pricing


Old rusty iron old thing......  20.00


Antique rusty old thing......   30.00


Vintage rust old thing....       40.00


Steam punk with patina......   70.00


Blacksmith special tool ....    160.00


We all keep looking...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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