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    metal work, welding , forge work, 4x4s we live off grid about 20 miles from town on 10 acres. snowmobile, hunt , fish, like to shoot
  1. your right wasn't looking for an anvil have two already, was just looking at the hammers and other hardy hole stuff.......mighty spendy, just have to make my own when i get time....
  2. Just spent the last hour or so on eBay looking at the blacksmith tools and such, it is amazing to me how all of them are Vintage or Antique or both :huh: .....some are antiques most are not very old i would say, just goes to show if you want something to sell call it vintage or antique........and the prices :wacko: .......whats this world coming too.....that's my rant for this weekend.......Everybody have a good week..........thanks :D
  3. got to say i'm an addict too.......good therapy.......even if it doesn't turn out the way u planned......I tell my wife it's good for the sole......
  4. well my shop is out in the open as of now and i usually get deer, turkeys, and the most interesting one is a big ol swamp donkey, (moose) that seams to come around when ever i start up my old miller welder, not sure if its the sound or the arc flash, but she will stay around for a good 1/2 hour watching i talk to her and she just looks at me like really............lol...........then just leaves......oh and skeeters,,,,,gooooooooobbbbbbs of skeeters...... glad we dont have many snakes here.......lol
  5. this might be to late but check with your local house painters or stain shops, alot of stain comes in 5 gal. buckets that are metal. i've got about 25 or so i get from a local stain, paint shop.
  6. very nice work, i see your kinda close to where i live just across the border to the west of me..
  7. temper at a critical moment brings out the best in steel, and the worst in people.........
  8. A way to make a simple handle is , well maybe not simple but i use a piece of 3/8 or 1/2 inch cable,cut about 10 inches long. braze or weld the ends so as not to unravel or catch on anything. Then put it in the vise about 2 inches from one end, and get a pair of vise gripes and slightly twist the welded end opposite of the cable twist when it opens up insert your punch or chisel threw a wrap or two of the cable release the pliers it will turn a little but will hold the punch, the cable also dampens the vibration to your hand.. I use to help an old guy drive track pins out of cat track he made
  9. ive used crisco veg oil, the kind in the can thats all white and hard, not good for cooking as far as im concerned, but it doesnt work to bad...leaves a good black finish, i also coat all my cast iron pans with it.....never use it for cooking that stuff will kill ya...............
  10. My wife thinks i'm nuts anyway......but oh well i have another anvil about a 200 pounder it's in storage can't wait to get it out. I checked on line with ebay and amazon for the book anvils in america.....man that's a spendy book. I checked with our library and she is trying to find it....i'll keep looking for it sure would like to get a copy....
  11. Thanks for all the help and wisdom....I'v done some cleaning on it and yes it's a HB. found a serial number and wire brushed out the name. i believe it's 106156 i don't think the first letter is an I i'm pretty sure it's a 1. so i'm assuming it's a little older then me........since i had back surgery the first of June, had three vertebrate fused and two disks fixed i can't get out and do what i want to do.....so i'v been driving the wife totally nuts with hay look at this baby shes a 300 pounder look a 250 pounder, finally she came in and looked at the computer, anvils she said, omg.........
  12. Thanks jim, not to pretty but is really rugged.......lived out side for most of its life i was told
  13. A friend gave me this old anvil which a friend gave him and so on,... It was broken across the wast at some time and somebody welded it back together, I weld a lot but have never seen a weld like this. Its looks to me like it was gas welded by a chicken..........lol.........but not sure, I do know i have pounded on it pretty hard and its still together.. Can't make out the name other then manf.co. It weighs about 100 pounds. any ideas on the name or how it was welded......
  14. I saw a sign years ago on a picture of an old blacksmith banging out a horseshoe at a place i worked at when in school. It said Temper at a critical moment brings out the best in steel, and the worst in people. I have always remembered that.......
  15. For some reason i cant get my pictures off the camera to the puter :angry: . but i have a portable anvil and vise set up on old truck wheels with 6 inch thick wall pipe for the stands. I put a plywood bottom in the wheel and poured the wheel and pipe full of concrete and let it set up. gives it weight and very stable. i just tip them over sideways and roll them from storage to where i need them, like you would do a oxygen bottle. I use 2 big beach umbrellas for shade, get them at costco rather cheep. made wheel stands for the umbrellas can move them where ever i need them. :wacko: dang a pic
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