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Surprised no one had started a thread for the trustworthy Columbian anvil.


Cast steel, made by the Columbian Hardware Company in Cleveland, Ohio

I rarely run into a beat up Columbian it seems, tough anvil.


I had been using a 300# Columbian up until I found my A&H that I'm still currently using.

Always liked the anvil, and served very well.

But I just ran across this one that I couldn't let pass by for the price.  I'm guessing around the 375#-400# ballpark.

I don't have a scale that goes over 300#.  AIA has a Columbian Hardware ad that lists weights and dimension sizes, and this would fall nicely into that weight range.




Here's when I picked it  up with a little water bottle rubbing looking for markings.



After a good cleanup.



The 300# Columbian in the back.


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Here is a recently acquired anvil, a 455 pound columbian.  36 inches long six inches  wide.  Deafening ring. 85 percent ball bearing rebound.

Now for the good part, how I got it!  I have a business website.  Some lady calls me, telling me she just bought a mansion on four acres.  In the woods, 400 yards down a steep hill, she has an old blacksmith shop.  She to demolish it because of termites.  I ask her how big the anvil is, and she says "about 175 pounds, and you can have all the contents for free". 

Wife and I jump in the Tahoe, with me all excited.  I got more excited when I saw the shop.  455 pound columbian, two champion 400 blowers, and three brand new humongous graphite crucibles!  Now for the bad part.  Her property was muddy, and we couldn't drive down to the shop because of the cesspool field.  So muddy the ha nd truck wheels sank into the mud.  Crestfallen, my wife offers to roll the anvil up the hill with me, sommersaulting the anvil head over heel for 400 yards, right through the mud and the cesspool feces.  After 4 hours, we get the anvil to the back of my car.  How the heck do I get it onto the tailgate!  My wife spies a 40 foot aluminum ladder.  Nice ramp she says!

big columbian2.jpg

big columbian.jpg

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My Columbian was my favorite anvil I have ever used and I have used the majority of common English pattern anvils available in the U.S. the ring is extremely loud but a nice bed of silicon caulk deadens the ring to FISHER levels. That plus a sturdy stump for a stand and the anvil did most of the work for me with its impeccable rebound. Great anvils. 

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Welcome aboard, Challenger, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you'll have a chance of hooking up with other members living within visiting distance.

Oh yeah, that's the Columbian trademark, top shelf anvil and a beast! I'd love to read the story behind you bringing that beautiful monster home.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Just picked up a 130 lb columbian anvil to go with my 125 lb soderfors both anvils are age unknown and I haven't been able to find serial numbers or years on them. The edges arn't as banged up on the columbian from cold horse shoes as the soderfors was. But you can tell it did do some cold shoeing. The Ring is as loud as the soderfors but a slightly different pitch. The ball bearing test using a 1 1/2" bearing has a return bounce of 85-90% whereas the soderfors has 90-95% return. All in all I am a happy camper. Two legendary anvils that can forge whatever I want on.






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