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Combination padlock


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I started this padlock years ago, namely the body and shackle, then set it aside and never finished it.  Today I made the dials and completed it.  The body is a solid piece of steel.  The dials were upset from 1/4" stock.  For future locks I'll make a special header for the dials, and made sure the holes are squared up better.  The body is also bigger than it needs to be, it was made from an odd piece I had in the scrap pile.  Very simple design, and locks very well, even with one dial turned.




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Cool lock Nick. What's the origin of the mechanism? I've seen the same idea used on cabin doors, using bolts with washers that engage in the door jam, they have flat areas that release the jam indicated by the grade marks on the bolt heads. While the washers CAN be felt and "picked," if they're placed at wide intervals around the door it takes two people to pick. Not perfect but pretty darned effective.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Well, that makes perfect sense......only one question.


I can see that the dials would be held in by the body of the lock while locked. What holds them in when it's unlocked? Do you insert them by cutting only half circles into the front in the opposite direction of the half circles in the shackle?


No.....thinking about it, that wouldn't work because you wouldn't be able to turn it.

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The dial holes are drilled straight through, and the ends of the shafts are lightly riveted over on the back, just enough to hold them in place.  After all the holes are drilled the dials are put in and then the shackle holes are drilled again to make the indents.

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