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  1. Its cast iron..idk but does everyone coat the inside of their cast iron pots...you might do better finding a cast iron floor drain sink they are the about the same size and shape as a commerical pot and they will have a drain hole in the center...you can hit up a plumber or just about everytown has that old man that has a bunch of plumbing fixtures out front for sale .find him.
  2. Very nice!! Any progress pics?
  3. I have this same problem. Ive got mine piled on top of one of those trundle bed frames that has the mattress support grid/springs ... Works like a broken clock. Everything i want is on bottom and gets hung up on everything else when i try to fish it out of there..needless to say ill be watching this post for some ingenius remedy or a-ha photo post.
  4. I'd like to see the gun hooks you mention. Sounds like a great idea
  5. I would say its a beginner project because it was pretty simple to do , the hardest part for me was making 14 of them all different
  6. Thanks for all the positive comments guys!! It does have quasi eyes but i just used a center punch ...eye punches is one of the tools i was thinking i need to make ...ive got 30 foot of 3/4 sucker rod to use. So far ive made a square punch, a hot cut chisel, bob punch with intentions to make more..i picked up couple jackhammer bits today to make a hot cut hardy...also been working on some texturing hammers out of the hf ball peens. Also today i made 14 of those friedrick crosses because all my neices and nephews came over for the night...still recouping from that..not the crosses..the kids lol...i let each of them be a part of their cross from start to finish. They had a blast!! Well it was actually 14 crosses and a alligator wall hook named stumpy cuz he has no legs :/
  7. Could dig a hole in the ground 2 feet over from where this is setting and used the blower dryer. Saved the pot to fix a pot of beans for dinner.
  8. hello all... I tried my hand at forging something i cant use lol... basically ive been building or making tools all in all just tryin to set up shop so to speak but thats getting mundane and i needed a break so i made this lil snake.....only to find out i need more tools haha.
  9. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.
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