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I Forge Iron

Found this at the local antique store.

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It's a 200# fisher I picked up at an antique store. I'm friends with the owner and whenever he gets blacksmithing stuff he calls me. He said I have something you might like. When I walked through the door there it was. It does not have a mark on it. looks like it was never used. It still has the red eagle anvil sticker on it.

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If you are going to use it be sure to round over the edges of this anvil. Fisher top plates are somewhat brittle along the edges and prone to chipping so it is a good idea to gently take a file or grinder and put a radius on the edges to help prevent this chipping from being a problem.

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Collectors forums? Guess it should have occurred to me that such a thing would exist but it never crossed my mind. Don't understand just having rather than using (with the exception of having for education, that IS using in my book). What collectors forums do they talk about blacksmithing in, it would be amusing to read what they think of us!

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Yes but but what if you got enough to buy a new anvil?

This looks like a new anvil, like a fine wine, stored and matured, and what guarantee does he have of getting the "good price" and B) will the new anvil be a better one? and B) of keeping a friend who did him the favour in the first place, bearing in mind he is a dealer and should know the potential worth of this anvil.

I think Sand's incredibly lucky to have friends looking out for him, and also with this anvil which will give him lifelong service,

Well done Sand, and enjoy.

There is more value to life than making a buck, shrouds don't have pockets.
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I agree with you, but I see it both ways I am the son of a professional rare coin dealer. Collectors put a roof over my head food in my mouth and paid for my education at private school an education I needed, because I was having problems in public school. Collectors have preserved and found out things about things they collect and shared this with the rest of us. There is nothing wrong with preserving an object because you love it. Its kind of finding an old stamp that has worth and using it to mail a letter. There are enough anvils out there but very few in original condition.

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Finally a voice of reason from Tim Miller. I'm pretty new to this site & do a lot of reading of various threads to learn a bit about blacksmithing. I'm retired now & thought I might like to move some metal around. Nothing major, as I've never had any aspirations of being a blacksmith, farrier, whatever. I'd just like to pound some metal a bit & see where it leads me. Which may be nowhere after after the first try. A few months ago I found a mousehole anvil & plan on getting together with a guy out my way who makes (hand forges) knives. I met him at a gun show where he had a table set up & after talking with him awhile, it got me thinking about looking for a anvil.
Which brings me to this post after reading these negative comments about collectors, which is pretty pervasive with some members on a lot of threads. Which begs the ? Where does this sense of entitlement/snobbery come from, that only blacksmiths should own anvils? I mean, it's not like they're a rare item & only so many are out there. If that were the case, I could see the point of guys getting upset about someone buying one just to have & not use. But let's face it, that isn't the case. I see guys here brag about getting them on the cheap from sellers before they're put on auction. Or guys going to auctions or constantly searching craigs list & having success that way. (he, haw) So because you're a blacksmith, you're the only one entitled to do this? Really? Kind of seems that's the attitude from where I'm sitting & reading.
No, I don't collect anvils & have no desire to do so. But I do collect other things, among them vintage firearms. And any forums I go to, I don't see this same sense of entitlement or putting down collectors that exists on this forum. There's plenty of guys who don't shoot their vintage firearms, but I don't see others putting them down because they choose to do so. I see guys who collect expensive custom made knives that never get used, yet they don't get the attitude that's shown to collectors here. Would any of you guys who make custom knives put someone down because he chose not to use it? Would you choose not to sell to someone if he said it was going in his collection & not used? I'm sure you'd like to see a knife that you made being used, but I'm willing to bet the majority of you wouldn't say no to a collector who wanted to buy it & showed you the cash. Let's be honest, would you?
All you guys who condemn collectors, have you ever collected anything yourselves? Like guns, watches, stamps, coins, knives, train sets or anything at all? Because if you have, doesn't that make you a hypocrite for someone that wants a anvil in his collection?
Bottom line guys (& gals), there's plenty of anvils out there that can be had for a reasonable price if you are patient & know where to look. Heck, since I bought the mousehole a few months ago, I could have bought 3 more since at a reasonable price.
Lighten up guys, what you do is a noble profession & good, honest hard work. But let's face it, blacksmiths aren't finding cures for diseases nor are they the center of the universe. Uh, far from it. Despite what you think, being a blacksmith really doesn't give you entitlement to all the anvils out there.
I'm not looking to change the attitude I speak of, because I'm pretty certain it will always exist with some of you. It's just an observation that I thought was a good time to throw out there.

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That is a lovely anvil. I'd use it. But, would be tempted to set it aside as well. I passed on buying a 150# Fisher here about 6 months ago for $500. In retrospect I am kicking myself....It was every bit as nice as that one.

I bought a bunch of old hammers from a collector including some 100 year wrenches that I keep in my tool bucket. The poor guy was torn between being happy I'd use them and worried their "mint" condition would be ruined. Lol

As a knifemaker. I depend on collectors wanting to collect so I can sell knives to but more tools! I love collectors!!!

The bad people are the SCRAPPERS!!!!

I'm sure you'll enjoy that anvil!

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Montana7; why yes there is a whole group of knifemakers that make *using* knives and do get upset if their work is not used. And there are makers whose knives are not meant to be used and they might get upset if they were...

I think the issue is that old anvils are a limited resource and so you get folks that have over 600 of them nicely set in rows in a building; but who do not do any blacksmithing and will only sell for US$6 a pound---rather hurts if you are in an anvil poor region. So you get the "tools are made to be used" folks "squaring off against the "old things should not be used" and a lot of folks who are in between often depending on exact circumstance.

Think of it as being thirsty out in the desert and running across a guy "collecting" all the available drinks.

A lot of folks who "collect" are NOT folks dedicated to expanding the knowledge of anvils they just like owning them---the folks with lines of them rusting along the driveway, folks with them as garden ornaments. True collectors who specialize and preserve don't bother me too much as they tend to leave most anvils for the folks wanting to use them. (Only thing: they affect the price of anvils as they pay collectors prices for specific ones that tends to drive up prices for others that they wouldn't pay #10 bucks for!)

Just today at the fleamarket I was offered a Keen Cutter hewing hatchet in quite decent shape for a great price---I turned it down saying that it would much be better placed with a tool collector. I already had several using ones of not so desirable brand...

Now if folks would realize they don't *NEED* a london pattern anvil to do great smithing things might lighten up a bit.

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Neatly said Thomas, I don't mind collectors who appreciate the anvil for what it is and let others of us who also appreciate them enjoy as well. The anvil out in the yard is a crying shame the same way with the warehouse full of anvils that never see the light of day. The older anvils are hard to come by and expensive. I had to buy my first anvil new as I had not been able to obtain one before. I paid full price for a 125lb farriers anvil. I still have it and I use the heck out of it as my portable demo anvil. I have since been able to obtain about 5 more anvils some pretty reasonable and one at market value since it is a new Ozark pattern anvil. I teach classes at my shop thus the other anvils are used for different height students.
If some were offended because us working smiths don't like the idea of something useful to the craft being locked up away where it is not appreciated or available to young smiths because of the elevated costs then maybe they should look at it from our point of view. I have known a few anvil collectors and most of the ones I knew were willing to share and would work with a young smith to obtain an anvil, I have no problem with these guys. I ran across another who was trying to sell a broken arm and hammer and when I went to see it I saw part of his collection sitting on the floor by the wall covered in junk. When I asked about some of these he said they were not for sale because he was collecting. I asked if he was going to display them or something he said no he just wanted to own them. There was a couple of nice hay budden's, a vulcan, and looked like a couple of Trentons sitting there unappreciated by all but one person. That is selfish no matter how you slice it.
Collecting stamps or beer bottles is cool but there is no use for them other than collecting. An anvil is a tool AND a piece of history, share it like blacksmiths like to share their knowledge.
Trips and stumbles as he jumps off the soap box..........

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