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  1. sand

    Never seen one like this

    While looking for the source of the image I used I saw that one was posted here but I forgot to look for it again. Good looking out. I'll look for it. Thanks
  2. sand

    Never seen one like this

    That sucks, it's happened to me so many times. Interesting. Thanks for the info. When I get it unstuck I'll post more pictures.
  3. sand

    Never seen one like this

    I think it's Iron Age magazine.
  4. sand

    Never seen one like this

    Good idea. I'll do that. And... Found it.
  5. sand

    Never seen one like this

    Yes, The rear does move up the notches. It's quite stuck at the moment but nothing a little(or a lot) of WD-40 won't fix. It's not for sale at the moment. Maybe later, if I decide to sell it I'll let you know.
  6. I have never seen a leg vise like this before. What's it called? What was it made for? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Now that I see the picture more clearly (I was using my phone before) the blades are definitely on correctly, It's all in the aerodynamics of the blades, if the blades were reversed the blower would not blow, the air would follow the curvature of the blades and move toward the center. As it is now, when the blades spin they push the air up to the edges of the blower and toward the tuyere.
  8. Are the blades spinning to the left or right?
  9. The blower blades don't move the air in the direction They are spinning. Being an inpeller, as the blades turn they suck air in through the hole on the side of the blower and consequently the air comes out the other side. So even if the blades look like they are pushing the air in a certain direction they are just sucking air in.
  10. I don't think I would ever sell it, even if i got enough for a new anvil. I like old things too much, I have a house full of antiques. My house is an antique.
  11. Hello and welcome from another new member of this awesome site. If I remember correctly Wayne Goddard wrote about it in his book The $50 knife shop. (this is the book that got me into blacksmithing) He calls it cable damascus. There is a whole section on the matter in his book (chapter 6), so depending on the material the cable is made of, I believe it should be possible.
  12. I'll make sure to round the edges a bit I don't trust myself enough with a hammer yet to say I wont hit them.
  13. There is no way It's going to stay unused in my house
  14. It's a 200# fisher I picked up at an antique store. I'm friends with the owner and whenever he gets blacksmithing stuff he calls me. He said I have something you might like. When I walked through the door there it was. It does not have a mark on it. looks like it was never used. It still has the red eagle anvil sticker on it.
  15. Sorry about the huge pic of the forge, I did not realize how big it was. Here is another that is much smaller.
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