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Found 9 results

  1. Was in the process of drifting a slit for my first hammer eye punch in a rectangular piece of 4140 about an 1 1/4 deep and 3/4 of the way one of the corners chipped off (about 1/4" of a 1"). I was cooling in my water quench bucket after every second/third hit, I didn't work the material cold (good orange heat), used a 2/5lb hammer. What did I do wrong? I should be able to salvage the chisel by regrinding and re-heat treating, I just don't want to repeat my mistake. Any advice (pertinent to my slitting chisel) is welcomed. Edit: Should also indicate that the 4140 billet was annealed in vermiculite for a couple hours after I pressed it from round into rectangle.
  2. G'day Mate! I have been browsing this forum for a couple of days and totally respect you guys and have become somewhat fascinated by what you guys do! I am a junior engineer from Australia really keen to learn a bit about high strength and ultra high strength steel grades from the experts who use this stuff on a day to day basis! I have really limited knowledge of metallurgy and steel grades as it was only taught in a couple of subjects at uni and really need to know much more than I do to hold a conversation with a tool maker without sounding like an idiot. Is anyone aware of alloy steels that can be used safely for forgings for more demanding applications than 4140 and still retain adequate toughness and ductile failure mode, good shock resistance if heat treated? Is there any steel safe to use where max tensile stress in excess of 1000 MPA and still have hardness less than 42 RWC or heat treated to that hardness on the surface and further surface hardnened so the inside is still ductile? I have read about EN 25 EN 26 and 4330 and wonder about what is the experience with them? I have noticed that 4140 is used quite a lot. Is 4140 preferred as it is less prone to cracking and more easily heat treatable than the others or is it just easy to get and more cost effective? With the tool steel grades H13 and S7 etc, can they be used in general applications that are not tools and dies? Any internet links to good resources would be much appreciated! I have searched internet will provide a list of alloys but it would be great to find a table with yield stress and UTS, % EL and other properties in a table and having trouble finding without paying for subscription. Is there any steel grades or heat treatments to be avoided for particular reasons?
  3. Hey folks! Just wanted to share my finished camp ax. I forged this back in March at Liam Hoffman's ax forging class. Just recently was able to finish it. Drifted eye 4140. We only broke one sledge that weekend! This is only my second or third handle, carved from ash. Gave it a bake for 1.5hrs @400. I didn't get quite the harden i would have liked, though. I didn't have any parks 50 to quench in, and it didn't like hardening in veggie oil or used motor oil. I recently was able to field test it this past weekend. It sure did like to throw some nice sized chips! But hey, that's what first time experiments are for, yeah? Thanks for looking!
  4. I ran out of 4140 a couple of days ago, and before I could go to the scrap yard to find more I got iced/snowed in. Now I need to make some tools for a project (chisel, round and square punch, drift, etc.). I do have some 1084 stock left over from a knife project, and I was wondering if I could make my tools out of that. I know the carbon content is twice as high and the alloy metals are different, but what does that mean in terms of this stuff performing for tool making? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hello my names Marty I'm a noob and trying to get into blacksmithing I have a couple nice hammers and a friend that works at a machine shop that made me an anvil he makes tooling dies for Timken but he made this anvil from special made tool steel it's called 3311 I can't find any information on it he told me it's similar to 4140 steel but all I want to know is if I should heat treat to harden it or just leave it be and use it how it is the anvil it's self is 5in tall 5.5in wide and 10in long and weighs a good 40-50 lbs if I were to heat treat it would be in a coal forge and cascading water but I need advice and tips please help
  6. Hi, I'm thinking about making my own anvil so I can get into blacksmithing, and I was wondering if it would be possible to make an anvil that could hold up against the heat and pounding for blacksmithing. Any info would be great, thanks.
  7. Found a video by Kevin Potter that was helpful to me concerning rebound vs contruction. My question is on the 4140. It had the poorest rebound but would increasing the mass help the rebound?It was the smallest anvil of the lot. And does hardening the face help with rebound or is hardening mostly done to protect the face of the anvil. I am planning on getting a 100# piece of 5" dia 4140 from the salvage yard for a post anvil, and wondering if I should expect it to be a good anvil. Thanks Jeff
  8. Dear Sirs, I am working in closed-die steel forging company. Nowadays, we have problem about the production of connection rod Details are as follows: Forging Equipment: 6300 mkg Lasco Counterblow hammer Raw Mateial: SAE 4140 Forging Temperature:~ 950-1000 C 1st question: What must be the hardnees value as forged in air cooled condition? For the heat treatment, First, the part was austenized at about ~880 C during 40 minutes and quenched in 90 C oil bath. Then tempering was performed at about ~ 550 C during 1 hour. After heat treatment; Surface Hardness was 34 HRC => This is OK We have cut a tensile test sample from the body of the part as being perpendicular to the forging direction.The section that we have taken test sample was 20 mm and the diameter of the gage length region after turning was 10 mm. When we performed tensile testing; Tensile Strength was 1100 MPa => This is OK( the range of this value must be between 1000 to 1150 MPa) Yield Strength was 513 MPA=> This is not OK. This value must be greater than 650 MPa 2nd question :Can anyone has a suggestion to provide yield strength greater than 650 MPa without causing deviation of tensile strength from the tolerance range 1000 to 1150 MPa ? Attached the picture of finished connecting rod and drawing of tensile test specimen are available. Thanks for your assist in advance. Regards, Schmieden
  9. Yesterday I went to our local steel yard and got a whole bunch of cutoffs that were worth about $100 for $20 (coffe and doughnuts go a long way). While sorting through the racks I saw a bin that said "free" on the side so I had a look, grabbed 3, 5"x 1" peices of round bar marked 4140 spark test agrees with that label so I took them, what should I make with them? I am thinking a breazeal type slitter... oh and i also grabbed what i thaught was a peice of 3/4" rnd about 2 1/2 ft long when i looked at it when i got home it was marked "bronze" YAAAAY???? thanks josh
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