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  1. Thanks, y'all for confirming my suspicions, and thanks Frosty for the new user tips. It depends on how hard I can get it, but my plan was to temper the punches in the purple range and the chisels/cutters in the yellow range (on the cutting edges anyway). Does that seem like it'll keep me from getting chewed up by projectiles?
  2. I ran out of 4140 a couple of days ago, and before I could go to the scrap yard to find more I got iced/snowed in. Now I need to make some tools for a project (chisel, round and square punch, drift, etc.). I do have some 1084 stock left over from a knife project, and I was wondering if I could make my tools out of that. I know the carbon content is twice as high and the alloy metals are different, but what does that mean in terms of this stuff performing for tool making? Thanks for your help.
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