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Found 12 results

  1. I was cleaning my workspace earlier this week and I found a piece of rebar under my anvil stand from my failed attempt at making tongs. I needed to get my friend a Christmas present and I know he likes knives so what happened next is obvious. Took about an hour or two (not counting the time in the oven for tempering) total of work to do. This is my third knife and I think it’s better than my first and failed second attempts. The reason the blade looks cracked is it wasn’t cleaned off completely in the photo. I wish I had an anvil with a hardy hole and some hardy tools; it would have made bending the handle much easier. The tip was purposely not worked much because I didn’t want to screw it up with barely any charcoal left and Home Hardware closed for Christmas. This wasn’t meant as a heavy-use item otherwise I’d have made it from one of the HUGE leaf springs I got for free. What do you think of it?
  2. Found a good use for rebar. I have made some bottle openers in this style. need to figure out how to give it legs.
  3. Hey everybody, looking to start forging knives from Rebar/Railroad Spikes (At least until I feel comfortable to move up to proper materials) But i've a few questions and this place seems to be the best place to ask. First can I start by saying I'm from Ireland, I know this is an American forum but yous still know your stuff Now in general I know Rebar is a bit of a nono, but if I were to use it, is there anything that I should do with it to make it good for putting an edge on it etc? And about the railroad spikes, would they be found on old Tram Lines too? Also is an everyday Hammer okay to use for hammering a piece of Rebar (OR any steel) into a knife shape etc? And finally, I have no power tools but a drill, without any machinery to grind a sharp edge or clean the steel, whats my best bet? Is buying the machinery a must? I only want to do this as a hobby, not a business so I want to spend as little as possible . Any and all tips, links and advice would be VERY much appreciated, cheers!
  4. Hello All, New to this site and still moderately green in general. I have done a !SMALL! amount of forge welding and I have a question, or a try it and let me know/ill post pics eventually. So I am planning on making a Serpent sword viking style and I was wondering if I took a curved re-bar in between a few layers of varying steel plates Would I get the snake patter? Just curious, I know the issues of re-bar, everything from shattering to en even quality. but I think I got some good stuff for free which is allllllways nice. Thanks!
  5. D.O.G.


    I know rebar is generally worthless fore blades. I am not by any means suggesting that anyone waste their time and efforts on rebar knives. A couple years ago while wandering a patch of woods for mushrooms, I found a 3.5 ft length of thick rebar(11/16-3/4'' diam.) I brought it home to throw in the pile, but the grinder said it needed further investigating. I flattened a piece out to 3/16'' or so heated to nonmagnetic and quenched in water. Very hard and brittle, even scratched my file. It did warp, so I tried with oil, and it was very hard and no warping. I was happy with double tempering at 400. I decided to make a simple blade to test it out. Yes it is ugly, but over the last year and a half it has become my favorite knife in the kitchen. I intended to use it for fish decapitation, but I use it for more things than any knife I have and it just keeps cutting. I not easy on it either. I decided to make a new reknife that was thinner and longer. I ground the ridges off the rebar before starting this time, to avoid cold shuts and stress. Nothing fancy but this metal hold its edge like a champ, and I made something of useful out of scrap which I love doing. The small knife in the last pic is 1095 not rebar. Thanks for looking Dustin
  6. Snake in with the chickens! Or did some aspiring young-(ish) weekend smith have some fun with rebar this Sunday? Wife was not amused....... :D
  7. Here is a rebar knife (letter opener) that I started in charcoal and then worked in a gas forge. Nothing fancy but this is my first knife. Knowing that rebar does not have enough carbon to really get that hard is there any point in trying to heat treat it at all? thanks
  8. eseemann

    Rebar knife

    This is the first thing I did with my break drum forge, not bad for a first try, least that is what I think. by the way when I say knife, think butter.
  9. Well Folks here are the first few things from my one forge that are recognizable. The rebar "knife" (for knife see butter) was done in a break drum forge with natural lump charcoal. The spoons were done in my one brick forge. Thanks for all the info and advice about what to do and what not to do. So my next question is what to do with them so my wife, daughter and I can use them in an upcoming camping trip. I figured on seasoning them like cast iron, do I need to blue them first. The spoons are not done yet, I need to do more sanding and polishing. Thanks, Ernest.
  10. aim.bot

    Rebar Snake

    my first attempt at any type of face.

    © AMT

  11. I am making a knife with some old rebar and a tiny crack has appeared is there anything I can do to fix it? It is kind of hard to see in the photo.
  12. Hey fellow blacksmiths, some of you might allready have seen my YouTube-Video "Forging with TechnicusJoe July & August 2012." If not you may check it out because it shows some excerps on how the following project was put into practice: As a project to make during Joe´s visit at my shop I had the idea to make a wine bottle holder as a present for my father. So after some sketches and discussions we decided to make the holder like it eventually turned out. At that moment the only source of steel I had available was simple rebar, so most of the work simply was drawing out material to the right shape. The whole holder with a sample bottle: The top ring was forge welded and rivited, the lower ring was also forge weldet and fixed with a tennon joint. The holding beam is decorated with a fishtale-scroll at the end: The v-shaped base plate has curly cues at the tips on the one hand for decoration, on the other hand for safety and stability reasons: The holding beam starts of sqare and then converts into flat bar... ...and is fixed to the base plate via tennon joint. We both were very sattisfied and my father was very happy about his present. I hope you enjoyed the post about my little project. I appreciate any tips and critique on how to improve my workflow and the way I report about it in this forum. Regards - Daniel
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