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  1. I have a wonderful workshop and really rather need someone else to move in to it - does anyone here know of a good place to find someone? I have tried all the ways I went about finding it myself - Gumtree, various studio and workshop sites, Arts News... I'm in London and it's really rather expensive to be there on my own. So if anyone here knows any blacksmith who needs a space in London, please let me know! It's beautiful and a lovely place to be but I'm not making enough money to rent it on my own. Thanks, Agnes
  2. Is there anyone in London who would like to share a forge with me? I'm trying to set one up but haven't yet found a space or anyone to share with. I'm looking for someone who is making interesting artist blacksmith work, who wants to set up a space. I'm trying to get money together now to buy some equipment, so if you have any that would be useful too...! You can see my work at http://www.agnesjones.com Thanks, Agnes Sadly this poster has not logged into IFI since making this post :(
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