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  1. I absolutely love chisels, those are beautiful.
  2. looks like a pretty cool set up. They didn't have it this year, but at jacksonville they have the steam tractor show and have a working blacksmith shop running off of a hit and miss engine. Honestly, I wouldn't mind just looking/not buying at the old shop. Sometimes my wife and I go antiquing and do a lot more looking than buying. Have a great day.
  3. you don't even have to push, the sheer weight of the grinder does all of the work
  4. I'm in Taylorville and interested at looking at your stuff. Thanks
  5. vintage black and decker wildcat is a beast.
  6. dang those dogs are cute. I have a working theory, baby animals are cute.
  7. I also work is a prison.19 years as a correctional officer and a few as a bureau of identification supervisor. Prison is sometimes more Orange than Oz, with just a little hint of Shot Caller thrown in. You should be disturbed by how many sex offenders there are in the world.
  8. As always beautiful, padouk is perfect
  9. looks like it will fit the palm well, nice job
  10. I really enjoy all of your videos. New shop area is interesting.
  11. Many nurses are nasally colonized with staph. They don't get barred from O.R.
  12. drill an oversized hole, cut a piece of square stock. put square stock in the hole, and weld around it. maybe?
  13. a sabra or sounds like sobar?
  14. I think there is a very reputable blacksmith in Israel, Uri Hofi. I have no idea how hard it is for you to travel in your country, or how far he is from you, but that could be a place to start looking for someone that he has trained that could assist you. Good luck to you.
  15. I really like the horse head. Stylized but accurate, makes me think Scythian for some reason.
  16. Man, you are making me rethink this whole "I want to make a nice knife" idea that I used to entertain. I can't tell by the pics, do the scales extend past the tang like many of your knives in the past have?
  17. Definitely had a cool fish bone look to it. Nice work.
  18. Great knife, and the cocobolo has some great coloring in it.
  19. They really do not have structural integrity apart from when they are glued down to a concrete floor. I was thinking maybe multiple layers with two part epoxy in-between, that could be shaped and contoured kind of like micarta.
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