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  1. Another Texas Heritage Bowie

    Nicely done!
  2. Hunter - WIP

    Nice! I've had a few requests too, recently. This sure put some stress on my shoulders . Two things I heavily considered: - Is the knife overall shape and geometry adequate for the job? Search for average blade length, thickness and geometry of a given knife type. Ex: Santoku kitchen knife. 5-7" long, 2" wide, .110" at spine and 0.00-0.10" at secondary bevel. - Am I confident enough in my heat treatment to put my reputation on the line?
  3. Hunter - WIP

    And the more confident I get, the most stupid mistakes I make
  4. Presentation and first two knives

    Thank you. It's a nice compliment rhitee
  5. Working on my second ever knife

    You can also consider using 80CrV2. It's like 5160 but with higher carbon and some vanadium. The vanadium will help keep the grain size small if you overheat it by mistake. Overall very forgiving steel! It gets plenty hard and it's as though as 5160(debatable).
  6. Presentation and first two knives

    Many thanks! This is definitely boosting my morale . I am going to take this advice very seriously when I decide to start selling my work.
  7. Presentation and first two knives

    Yeah, I work rather slowly and I got good advices from very generous smiths.
  8. Intro to Heat Treating

    As far as I know, there isn't any one size fits all quenching oil. Parks 50 has been developed for water hardening steels like 1095, W1/W2. It is not recommended for deep hardening steels like O1, 5160, etc. Parks AAA(or any 11 secs) or warm canola is what should be used on those steels.
  9. Presentation and first two knives

  10. Presentation and first two knives

    Thanks for letting me join this community! I am french Canadian and professional car mech. Began bladesmithing/knife making in August. Having two kids and a full time job gives me much less time than I'd like to spend on this very rewarding hobby. I managed to pull out two knives and a third on the way. First one is 1084 stock removal drop point hunter with bloodwood scales and brass pins. Second was a Xmas present for my dad. B&T'ish forged 80CrV2 through tang with bloodwood and brass. Third is W1 santoku hand forged from a 7/8" drill rod. (Xxxx, that was lot of hammering) The only power tool I'm using is my drill press. I enjoy the completely hand made part. I find it relaxing .