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  1. Water hardening steel

    I'd just make a bucket that's harder to flip. A 6'' pipe welded to a 2'x2' steel plate is what I use.
  2. Here's a small video of my tempering setup. I temporarily put the solid state relay out until I insulate the inner wall. I am very please of how this cheap PID completely leveled out the temperature. Notice the duty cycle light blinking, it has a self ajusting duty cycling.
  3. The Ghost Dog

    This is nice on so many levels! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Chefs knife, how big is too big?

    We've got all kinds of answers . It's mostly personal preference and technique. IMHO a 8"gyuto style is the best all around and a 6-7" santoku is best for veggies(if you use the right technique). This is a butcher's knife
  5. Knife Newb seeking input

    If you're not in a hurry, let it soak in white vinegar overnight. If you are in a hurry, a bench grinder with a wire brush will do. If you ever get warps (there will most likely be some), you can try to correct them right after the quench while its still too hot to touch without gloves. If you want to take your time, fix the warps between 2 tempering cycles while its hot.
  6. Knife Newb seeking input

    If your main concern is warping, i would normalize them before quenching. Annealing makes the steel softer but a good thermal cycling helps more with the warps.
  7. Dive Knife

    Zknives database has interesting info on H1 steel. Spyderco uses it for their diving knives. According to them, it has the best corrosion resistance. From my understanding, it has to be work hardened to obtain useful hardness. It's a shame H1 isn't made available.
  8. How did you find your first anvil?

    107# PW I paid 200$ CAD. Had one edge completely busted. Rings great and very good rebound though. I managed to dress the edge without removing too much steel. Around 1/4"
  9. Steel choice for a straight razor

    I hope I did not offend you. I didn't work with those steels either but I did read a lot. In fact my gf says I spend too much time reading about knives and steels
  10. Steel choice for a straight razor

    And it has to be "stropeable"
  11. Steel choice for a straight razor

    Will W. Why not use aeb-l or nitro-v? They have been developed as razor stainless steel. If I remember well, 440c's edge is not ideal for razors. Those large chromium carbides(440c has plenty) don't make a very fine edge, well, not in razors terms. Aeb-l's recipe is designed to prevent chromium carbides formation.
  12. Puukko sheath finished.

    Beautiful! i love the choice of woods and layout of that handle. The traditional sheath looks really authenthic.
  13. Steel choice for a straight razor

    W2 can get pretty hard. it shines in the 61-62hrc range for kitchen knives. Though I have no experience in razors, that steel should do it. It's also pretty easy to work with and sharpen. Edit: just saw you use canola. You may not get full hardness with it so 52100 seems the best option
  14. Steel choice for a straight razor

    Didn't know such steel existed. Seems like W2 with a lot more tungsten. Do you know where to source it?