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  1. IgnrntNewb, I too consider myself an extreme novice. I see a lot of similarities between what you have shaping up and the one I built. Mine is 19" long, 7" dia and after the fact, I learned the suggestion of 350. It takes both my 3/4 burners to get it hot. If I had it to do over I would build it shorter. As for securing your burners, have a look at the pictures on my thread and see what you think. They stay put and it doesnt affect the flame that I can tell.
  2. Samj1425, any luck on the torch tip burner? Im kinda curious. On mine, I used .030 mig tips tapped into a brass nipple, which runs cross-ways through a 1"x3/4" Bell reducer. It puts put adequate enough fuel to accomodate the NA air intake. I suppose there is some room for dampering the air intake amd refining my flame, but with two burners, the complete firebox gets cherry red within 15-20 minutes. Would sure like to know if your idea has gotten off the ground.
  3. Thanks, Buzzkill. Yes i think that was some of the chemical moisture cooking off as its been set up for a couple months before being ran this hard. I am either going to trowel in a forge floor to use up some reale state or cut about 2.5 inches off either end. If I cut the ends, i am going to have to relocate the hinges and latches. I havent heated up anything significant yet. As for my purpose, I plan on experimenting with seeing how different metals heat, move and forge. Then i plan on moving to small things like leaves, bottle openers, steak turners and maybe oyster shuckers as I live in a coastal town. Ultimately, I dont plan on forging a claymore or anything huge, but I definitely would like to forge a knife. Thanks again for all the help and advice!
  4. Ok new video. For kicks and giggles, I fired up two burners and ran it for 20 minutes before I took this video. She's pretty hot, but the story will be told when I evaluate fuel consumption. 20191122_162337.mp4
  5. Even as inexperienced as I am, I think that was well said Thomas.
  6. Great advice, Thomas. Do you have a thread with pictures of your rig? Kraitok, my air tank was approx 11" in diameter and 19" not including the doors. I have approx 2" or so of wool/refractory inside which gives me something in the neighborhood of 7"x19" fire box. If i build another one, I am going to either do one that has more girth and less lemght or a square one. Said somewhere in this thread, 350 or so is the sweet spot between using a single burner and not wasting excess fuel.
  7. Alright then, best of luck I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. I would just advise to do what youre doing. This forum is a wealth of knowledge. Glean all you can. Dont be bashful about asking for help. On a side note, I got into a fight with an angle grinder today and after an 8cm gash and 19 stitches to the left forearm.(not forge related) I guess I will have time to tune burners and reduce the internal volume of my firebox. Above all else, please be careful. We are dealing with some dangerous stuff! For what its worth, I had on double eye protection, ear plugs kevlar gloves long pants and composite toes. Even with extreme precaution, things can go side ways.
  8. EDL, thats hilarious! Yeah i was aware of the difference, but it seemed that Google wasnt so much. Anyhow, I have recieved a GOB (eastern North Carolina term) of great tips and advice. I like to feel like I have really stretched the more experienced member's knowledge more than their patience! Dobt wait til then to begin accumulating materials to build your rig! Good luck and if you need any help, IFI is the right place!
  9. Sounds good, Tink. I intend to do the bypass circuit for that reason as well. I have some pipe fitting to do to arange my two venturi burners first.
  10. Tim, that looks great! Is that with one burner? If so, what is the size? 3/4"? Also, about how much run time does it take to get your forge that hot? Nevermind about the size and number of burners, I zoomed in on your first picture and I think youre using a ribbon burner. Correct? Anyhow, how long does it take to get get to temp with it?
  11. I was actually thinking of adding a semi-circle "wedge" to make sort of a flat "floor" to yhe insode of it... But I have some insulating firebrick that i am going to try first.
  12. Ok cool i have an infinite supply of regular firebrick and about 4 insulating firebricks that are about 4"×8"×15". I should be able to work out some sort of plan with those.
  13. Buzzkill, I actually wondered if I could fill in part of it and accomplish the same purpose... I have all the firebrick I want, but i was concerned about them being a heat-sync and still robbing heat from the firebox itself.
  14. Buzzkill thats some good advice. Being that I am a big novice, I just did things arbitrarily. Having zero experience to go on, I figured a firebox diameter of at least 6" would accomodate what I want to do. I just took the air compressor tank and used it at the length it was manufactured. Mr. Powers, I totally agree with the dump truck analogy. I know a novice painter need not focus much beyond primary colors, but I wanted to be able to grow into things somewhat before having to build another one. I was thinking along those lines when my good friend offered me an old compressor tabk to use early on. It is 20 gallons! Twice as big as mine! I would be even more on a fools erand! To answer both of you guys, I dont have an exact "thing" I am setting out to forge. I have been facinated by metal working, specifically blacksmithing for as long as I can remember. So my intentions were to start out small and heat some metal of varying compositions merely to see how they respond to the heat. Then once I have expored that, I want to try my hand at forging functional things (in no particular order) increasing in diffuculty... Tongs, bottle openers, steak turners, knives. I definitely dont think I want to undertake swords. So I wont be needing that dump truck! As for the size, I am exploring options on reducing the size. I think I could farily easily, cut the shell with a cutting wheel, then use a masonary bit to trim the refractory. I will have to move my hinges and latches, but hey, I'm becoming used to modification!