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  1. Added William Barnhart and Alec Steele, both made in the USA.
  2. Mod note: fixed it. If anyone has this problem in the future, they can click the link to report the comment to the mods and request an edit.
  3. Mod note: I've edited the list to include the suggestions above as well as a couple of others and done some formatting work.
  4. Political content has been removed from this thread, per the TOS.
  5. In a comment now moved to a separate thread, jlpservicesinc replied "It's all good.. most but not all springs are 5160."
  6. Mod note: discussion of the effectiveness of treatments is appropriate to IFI. Discussion of the politics of the regulation of treatments is not. Thank you.
  7. Mod note: Jon Kerr's reply to the above comment has been split into its own thread for further discussion.
  8. Photos resized as a courtesy. Please do this yourself in future; if you are uploading from a phone and cannot resize them yourself in the half hour editing window, click "report post" in the upper right corner and ask a mod to do it for you.
  9. Mod note: the discussion of the effectiveness of JHCC's treadle hammer has been split into its own thread:
  10. Let's just say that a doubled sibilant would have put him in violation of our language policy.
  11. Mod note: Play nice, or this thread will locked.
  12. MOD NOTE: The language of the last two comments, while technically not in violation of the IFI ban on cursing, was inappropriate for this forum. Keep it polite, or this thread will be locked.
  13. This thread is closed to further comments.
  14. This topic is closed to further comments. See
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