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  1. I appreciate you revived this thread. I had read it a few years ago, but had forgotten entirely about it until now, and I was already thinking of what extras I could add to my rail. So far it's on end, and I was thinking of a hot cut and a fuller, but it will be some time before I make a final decision. Seeing this brings me some more inspiration! The piece of Rail that I have has 3 holes close to one end, and I'm thinking that they could come in handy for some things. I don't have any measurements right now, but here is a drawing. I'd really like to hear ideas on what they could be used for!
  2. Welcome to the forum! I also really like computers and the internet. I even work repairing PCs in my free time, and build PCs for my friends whenever I have the chance. I play lots of games, and have spent lots of money on my PC. I can tell you that this place is one of the best sources of RELIABLE information you will find on the subject of blacksmithing. There are some people that make their armour and maille, and a lot of VERY knowledgeable people in these subjects and many others. Also, let me tell you that here, your own effort is greatly appreciated. That means, you should always try to search for information and do your research before asking. A LOT of questions have already been answered in great detail. I strongly advise that you read the "stickies" in the topics that are of your interest (those posts in the top that have a green pin on the left). Here you will find a lot more info, this is a great post by JHCC that explains many things a newcomer should know. Now, let me tell you something else. I may or may not have (it's difficult to get a diagnose for several reasons) a slight autistic spectrum disorder as well (related to Asperger's), so I will give you a very small piece of advise out of my limited time in this forum. (I know, ASDs come in many flavours, so it might not apply to you at all. But just in case) This forum has a special dynamic, which is one of its greatest features, but might be shocking at first. People here are honest. Respect is very important, but this is not like a meeting with lots of strangers where unconditional cordiality goes above everything else, even above the truth. This is a lot more like a family gathering, where if someone were to do something stupid, they will tell you so, in a direct and blunt way most of the times. (You can always ask something stupid and that's perfectly fine, just try not to ask the same stupid thing that has been asked 50 times before and answered in great detail in the stickies) But, if you show you are making an effort and doing your own research before asking, you will see this is one of the warmest and friendliest places around, and an irreplaceable source of information! (And also, jokes and puns are very common, so you will have to pay attention to know when the post is actually a joke and not to be taken literally. They are usually short , 1-line posts)
  3. In my opinion, the best way to determine this is "conservation of volume" (as long as we dismiss the metal you lose to scaling). Before drawing out, and after, you have the same amount of metal. The same volume. You start with 1" x 3/4" x 6-1/2" = 4 7/8 cubic inches, which is the same volume you have at the end. So: 4 7/8 = 1/2" x 1'' x ??? => Dividing, you get ??? = 4 7/8 divided by (1/2 x 1), which in this case equals 9 3/4'' EDIT: Well, WMG jsut beat me to it by a few seconds.
  4. I'm really interested in seeing more ideas and projects for the kitchen. I remember seeing a RR spike spatula some time ago (and some eggs or pancakes made with it) which I also liked quite a lot (and my GF has been asking for one like that ever since).
  5. Maybe you even end up with temper colour(s) on top of the pattern. If it doesn't work, just redo the etch. I'd much rather have to redo the etch than lose this awesome blade to some failure!
  6. There is a thread that has a very easy way to make charcoal which doesn't require much skill or space, which you might find useful:
  7. This is a very nice idea, a very good one to have in my "library of potential projects". It looks really simple both to use and make. Good idea!
  8. Oh, I didn't know that. I even had a teacher teach me what I said, and I appreciate you telling me this. Thanks!
  9. Well, that is a controversial subject. From my understanding, some say "The Americas" as a whole continent, and other separate North America and South America. In my country, it is even more different: We say "America" as the whole continent, but actually separate it in 3 parts: North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), Central America (below Mexico down to Panama) and South America. I have personally never heard a person from USA talking about Central America, and I always found that interesting.
  10. I must say I really liked the result, and if I happen to cross paths with these plants or others with these qualities, would like to use this as a decoration in some kind of project.
  11. There is a thread with similar concerns in this section. It's called 'Condensation', and gives some ideas to prevent rust caused by condensation, as the name implies. You might find it useful.
  12. Yes, that was what I was referring to. It makes me think that the name might have been given because of certain properties. Not because vinegar content, but because of similar properties/corrosivity. After all, the word Acetic is strangely familiar to Acid... After that thought sparked, I went and looked for the etymology, and yes, Acetic is directly related to acid. Disclaimer: I certainly don't know the plant, since it lives in a completely different continent from me
  13. Also, "Acetosella". Acetic Acid, Vinegar, must mean something, right?
  14. That sounds like a really interesting class! The only MatSci I had was in their electrical properties. Although I had a metals technology class in my 5th (last) university year, which I aced without any effort thanks to the knowledge from IFI!
  15. I knew it was a good idea to post it here. Thank you for the info/experience!