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  1. I do like a refried bean but the last time I ate too many and almost ruptured something internally. My English digestive system is designed to cope with curry so I should stick with that I think
  2. Yes, relined it with some new Kaowool and it is working great. Basic design but plenty hot enough to keep me entertained for now. Or was that a reference to the methane generating properties of the aforementioned comestibles which my dull old brain only just got?
  3. My initial research indicates it is basically Latin for 'attractive fiddly round bit on the end' 2 pages sounds far too much for a Saturday night when there is curry to be eaten and beer to be drunk...
  4. Thanks, I love making the leaves, they are quick and fun and no there is no real right or wrong way they should look so less pressure to get them 'perfect'. The hooks are just practice pieces really, I have to go Google 'finial scroll' before I reply to that one The hardest thing I found with the crosses was cutting the darn slots in the first place, they were all done by hand with a hacksaw. Yeah I hear what you say about the dead stuff but this IS the Sacramento valley in summer, (green) freshly mown lawns are a distant memory
  5. Have been fiddling with my home built gas forge for a few weeks now but always felt restricted by the anvil I had, just a cylinder of mild steel. Took the plunge and got myself a nice little 75lb NC tool farriers anvil. Could not believe what a difference having a hardened face makes, not to mention a real hardy hole and all the other benefits. So have been out in the yard just about every night after work hammering and playing and learning. Still a complete beginner at this but wanted to share a couple of pics of the output so far. Criticism will be taken with a smile, I have only been at this for a week 'for real' so no great expectations at this stage. Thanks for looking Dave
  6. Hi Jeff I am certainly far less experienced in this than many of the people who will no doubt be along shortly with input but from what I have read on here and what I see in your pictures the answer to both questions is almost certainly YES Welcome back to forging though and I suggest you hang around for a few more replies before lighting up then go for it have have fun Dave
  7. I just added enough water to the Metrikote poweder so it was a very thin suspension (almost like milk) and applied it in two or three coats over a few nights. The ambient temps here are high so it dried quickly between coats. This was applied over the top of a rigidized Kaowool blanket. I did also make sure to thoroughly wet the surface of the blanket with a sprayer before brushing on the Metrikote (thanks to Frosty for his advice on 'buttering' for the latter trick)
  8. Yeah the first time I used Metrikote I misunderstood the instructions to make it like 'paint' and mixed it far too thick, this flaked off when it got hot. This time I mixed it much thinner and so far it has stayed put, in fact I fired up the relined forge yesterday and it got to forge welding temperatures pretty easily.
  9. I like your approach to this subject and easy going 'try it' attitude Glenn and as cat lover myself the references are all valid
  10. Thanks and thanks
  11. So tell me if I have misunderstood please but the rigidizer only becomes rigid once fired, is that correct? Is it OK to apply more layers over the top of each other if the first one is not stiff enough?
  12. Yes indeed I did, to be honest I was pleasantly surprised how stiff the blanket was, it is nice 1" thick stuff and does a pretty good job of holding itself in shape. I did the silica rigidizer thing anyway since I had bought a tub (only $13) and will apply a thin metrikote layer once that is cured.
  13. Thanks, will let you know on here what happens!
  14. I actually went out this morning and got my Kaowool from a pottery supply house and then some West 406 from a marine supply store. Have mixed up a batch and sprayed it on (with a nice blue food color mixed in so I can see where I have missed). No idea how it will dry/cure but we will see tomorrow That colloidal silica sure is some weird stuff, so light it blows away if you are not careful when you open the tube! Made sure to wear a face mask also, probably not the best stuff to breathe....
  15. That is the product I was considering, we have a local marine supply store which sells it, only a few $ for the small amount I need