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  1. Whaaaat? You mean that huge cloud of flies all over my forge is not normal? As requested:
  2. You were the one who told me to butter everything first, did I misunderstand?
  3. Neither did I, but Frosty knows his stuff
  4. Yeah I know, I need to remember to do those first thing this morning before I fire up the forge and my hands become black and greasy
  5. I have been experimenting with some 3/8" square stock and when making the longitudinal cuts I do them along the diagonal of the stock rather than perpendicular/parallel to the sides. This creates a triangular section on the arms which if you are careful not to forge it out too much gives a nice extra dimension to the finished article. Still finding 1/4" stock a little hard to work with but practice makes perfect I believe.
  6. Better safe than sorry I think in this case Jeff, these things are potential flamethrowers/bombs if they do malfunction. Plenty of great resource on here to help with the rebuild....
  7. I think the stock was 1/4 round so by the time I had sawn the slot it was pretty skinny, I may have worked it when it was a little too cool and it broke at the thin part in the corner between the arms. I cut mine by hand with a regular hacksaw and you make a valid point, not much left once you take out the width of the kerf. Also hard to cut straight in such thin stock. All part of the learning curve
  8. Not specifically apart from maybe working some larger items first which does of course put some heat into them both. In fact the first couple of times I used the anvil I was quite amazed as to how warm it was after a couple of hours of use.
  9. I made a couple of very small split crosses and was amazed by how fast they cool down, same goes for the very small leaves, they heat up and cool down so fast I think they are harder to make than the medium sized stuff. The crosses are also hard to work on without breaking the little linkage around the central orifice. Look nice when they turn out though
  10. Thanks, everyone seems to like the leaves the best. All hammer work apart from the longitudinal crease which is done with a small cold chisel.
  11. I don't think it makes much difference which one you use in this case, the trick is finding the right sort of brush to apply it with.....
  12. I do like a refried bean but the last time I ate too many and almost ruptured something internally. My English digestive system is designed to cope with curry so I should stick with that I think
  13. Yes, relined it with some new Kaowool and it is working great. Basic design but plenty hot enough to keep me entertained for now. Or was that a reference to the methane generating properties of the aforementioned comestibles which my dull old brain only just got?
  14. My initial research indicates it is basically Latin for 'attractive fiddly round bit on the end' 2 pages sounds far too much for a Saturday night when there is curry to be eaten and beer to be drunk...