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  1. Richard Hanson Knife Making

    Thanks for pointing that out Jeremy, credit where credit is due. I clearly did not read the small print! Thanks Richard, great article
  2. Hi David I feel we may all have prematurely jumped on the borax bandwagon here and missed a fundamental point of your original post. If, as you say, the gap is too large between the pieces then by the time you get them up to heat scale will have had more chance to form than if they are a tight fit, plus the time you then spend hammering them together will let them potentially cool down below forge welding temperature. Can you not forge them to a tight fit before you even think about starting the welding process? Might be all you need to do....
  3. You are not nuts at all, sounds like you were in exactly the right part of town. Borax is used as a laundry additive and is a very common chemical, I would be amazed if nobody in India sold it, though as the guys have said possibly under a completely different name. Keep looking and asking around I am sure you will find some, well worth the effort - not expensive and helps greatly with what you are trying to do. Good luck with the search....
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    All names very familiar to me, I am a native of Birmingham in the British Midlands, Shropshire is the next county over (and a very nice place at that). Can't hand on heart say I have had Ludlow beer but Burton-on-Trent beer is another matter many a pint has been quaffed over the years....
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Enough meaning at least half a pot... Coffee in the am, tea in the pm
  6. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    That will teach me to post before I have had enough coffee. I think the hot night cooked my brain
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Well it is 9:30 am so figured I would get some work in before it got too hot, yeah right, fat chance. It is already 90 in the shade and since my backyard forge is open on the west side the sun shines on me early in the day which takes the ambient up to stupid degrees. So after half an hour drawing out my first ever forge welded knife billet I gave in and headed indoors to cool off. It will actually be more comfortable out there later once the sun climbs and I have some shade to work in
  8. Forge weld flux

    You will be able to see very easily if it is hot enough, when you remove the billet from the fire and sprinkle some borax onto it if it is hot enough it will fluff up (unless you have prepared an anhydrous batch) and then melt and run into all the gaps between the individual pieces of steel. I did my first simple 3 layer san mai this morning and it was very obvious to see the flux melt and run into the bundle. I did make sure to place a sacrificial piece of firebrick in the bottom so the flux did not dissolve my kaowool. The flux goes black and looks hideous when it has cooled but once ground off I had a really nice seamless weld underneath. Way to go cheap borax flux!
  9. Making Ferric Chloride (video)

    Great video, short and to the point. I have just forge welded my first ever damascus billet and will ultimately be forging it into a small dagger and this is just what I wanted to know, tomorrow I will he heading over to Lowes to pick up some acid Thanks for the work you had to put in to make this (I know how much effort even a short vid takes)
  10. First attempt forging a knife

    No fancy oil heaters required for this of course, just heat up a hunk of steel and drop it in the tank prior to the quench (assuming of course there is some way to retrieve the hunk later )
  11. First attempt forging a knife

    That sounds like a reasonable approach to me
  12. First attempt forging a knife

    So do you achieve this by not heating the tang to critical temp or by not quenching it or a little of both?
  13. First attempt forging a knife

    Looks good, I have only made a couple of knives so far myself but one thing worth bearing in mind is that if you plan on drilling holes in the tang for pins to hold handle scales on it is a very good idea to drill them before heat treating the blade else it can easily become so hard you will be unable to drill it!
  14. how to forge a knife as a beginner

    Hi I am not going to talk about the knife itself here, I think the message about using appropriate steel has been made already. I do have some observations about general safety however, and they are meant in the best possible way. First, your grinder does not appear to be actually fixed to your work surface - a couple of bolts through the mounting holes will take care of that and not only make the grinder much less likely to fall over and cause some hideous accident but also greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your grinding. Second the work surface itself appears to be just balanced on top of a box, the other end is not visible so I hope that at least is also supported by something but again if you get everything fastened down you will be so much more safe and expend less wasted energy when everything moves around. Third I see eye protection but no respiratory protection, if you look at the work surface and imagine all that black dust inside your lungs you should want to rush out and get at the very least some simple dust masks. You are young and do not want to mess your lungs up at this early stage in life. Finally I would be very careful about wearing a glove and long sleeves when using a grinder, I would personally rather get slightly burned fingers than have my arm dragged into a rotating machine - just keep a small pot of water nearby (away from the electric supply cables) and dip the blade (or whatever else you are grinding) into it whenever it gets too hot to hold. In no way do I want to put a dampener on you getting your hands dirty, best of luck to you for doing something practical with your spare time. I just want you to make it to my age with all your fingers intact and not coughing up bits of lung! Dave
  15. First forgings

    Whaaaat? You mean that huge cloud of flies all over my forge is not normal? As requested: