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  1. my wife has a 97 honda crv 2.2 moter 246000 miles as of today. very little in repair costs. hoping for 300000miles smokey
  2. back when hay bales were tied with wire, we had those to cut the wire. used them on many bales.
  3. Bruce and i went to classes at Skunk Hollow Forge in Morrison CO in the mid 70,s and then had a great friendship over the years. I will miss him very much. Smokey
  4. I have had both hips done as full replacements. got the card from the surgeon that says what was done. TSA geeksw dont pay any attention to the card and shunt you off for the full patdown and wand treatment. just so you know. Smokey
  5. TP and Frosty, tks for the tips , they are welcome. did a lot of over the road driving back in the 70s, so am kinda used to being in the seat long hours. on these fires, sometimes you are at the stage sites for filling small rigs and can be there for hours. BOREING... so you can get out of the rig and walk around. again, much thanks..Smokey
  6. very envious of you folks time in the shop. i actually got to walk in mine today for the first time in a month. with all the wildfires in the pacific northwest, and my "partime" job driving a water truck for the fire crews, our shift is 14 days on , then 2 days off, then 14 days on again. when you get home for the 2 days, is about enough time to do laundry and SLEEP then back out again. oh well it will get better once winter gets here. Smokey.
  7. look up the Rocky Mtn Smiths on the net. they are all over the front range. there are all kinds of workshops and classes. all of the time.
  8. had left hip replaced 2001, out of hospital in three days. right hip done in 2007. built a new 1200 sq ft shop in late 2001-2002. been forging professional til 2016 than retired after 38 years at it. go get it fixed.be4st thing i ever did. Smokey.
  9. On another note, am going to look at a 110 Big Blu next week which only has about 100 hours on it. Never even seen one up close before. Had a 300 Chambersburg for 25 years but sold it when i retired. still want to play in the fire , so any comments , good or bad will be helpful. Smokey
  10. Back in the early 90s i lived in Yelm WA. there was a scrap yard in Tacoma called Floyd,s who got in a stack of 15 5x5 acorn tables and a friend of mine bought all of them for resale to other blacksmiths. He wanted 300$ each for them and he owed me 175$ from a job i did for him. So you can do the math. Smokey
  11. Vini, see if you can find one the books written by Francis Whitteker,[sp] He has a way of doing angle iron leg out . I donthave the book but i have seen the trick many years ago You have to prebend the opposite side a little then bend the other way. I am sure someone on this forum has acess to that book. Sorry i cant be of more help. Smokey My mistake;;;; the other half told me i do have the book. THe Blacksmiths Cookbook by Francis Whitaker. ISBN 0-939415-00-3 By Jim Fleming Publications on page 32 it shows how to prebend angle for leg in and leg out. Smokey
  12. I had a 300 lb chambersburg (10,ooo lbs) in my old shop on a 6 in. floor. had 8 in. of oak timbers under it. 3 in. lags and shields w/ angle iron tabs, 3 on each side into the slab. no walking and no cracks after 14 years of use. there was not any infloor heat to worry about. Smokey
  13. Michael, tks for the clearup on tank size, had a 250 gal for the shop but same would apply for that. Smokey
  14. strange on the 22 degrees, iused to live in S.W. Colo. at 7200 ft and we could have temps as low as 30 below at nite in the winter. had 500 gal propane tank outside and never had a problem. not a lot of nites at that temp. but it did happen on and off. Smokey
  15. Look up the Rocky Mtn Smiths, They are littered all over the Front Range. A great group and have all kinds of workshops to learn from. Smokey
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